Remarks From The Pastor - August 25, 2019

Good morning to you!  Today’s service is one of remembrance.  I pray you will enter into this service with a thankful heart.  The Bible teaches that we should enter into His gates with thanksgiving.  When we come to church services, we need to pray that our mind and spirit will be in tune with whatever God has in store for us; from the singing and preaching to obeying God as we follow in His will for our lives.  The Bible teaches that faith comes by hearing the Word of God.  You are encouraged to prepare your heart by confessing any unknown sin and desiring to be in close fellowship with God through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Today you may share in the remembrance of what Jesus did for you and thank Him.

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     Some of the pastors who have called me have reported God’s blessings in their churches. David Arteaga continues to labor in Cd. Madero (Tampico). He has 40 in attendance and makes a living for his family driving a truck.  We hope you will hold him up in your prayers.  He has a wife and two children.  The oldest is 20 and married with children. David is characterized by his humility and love for God.

     Julio Ramos and his wife Alejandrina have labored 17 years in Axtla. This is an Indian village, and few people care to work with them. Most of these people speak a dialect but understand Spanish pretty well. They have two children; the oldest is finishing secondary, which is about equal to 8th grade in the US. If she continues her studies, she will have to live away from her family. The average attendance is 60, with another 20 in their mission. They reported six saved last month.

     The Mission in Antiguo Morelos was started by a small congregation in Pachon. They sent Ildefonso there to work when he and his wife were students. I remember preaching for them once when the congregation met in the backyard of a Christian family.  Upon graduation, Ildefonso and Beti were invited to stay on as Pastor. The mission grew and was organized as the Beautiful Church. They have an average attendance of 110, and they had seven saved during the past month. Both Ildefonso and Beti are teachers in the school in Mante.  They have started a mission in Nuevo Morelos with an average attendance of 35. During the past month, four were saved.

     Most of the churches in Mexico have their VBS in July. Their youth camps are in this month also. The young people only have this month that they are free of school activity. In Reynosa, Bro. Antonio reports an attendance in the school of 135.  There were 25 professions of faith. Since adults attend, they had ten adults saved. Average attendance is 150. Reynosa is the most dangerous city in Mexico; shots can be heard and people are killed on a regular basis.

Remarks From The Pastor - August 18, 2019

Welcome to a new Sunday morning service and to all our visitors here today!  We have been studying for the past few weeks about why and how God stirs up our lives for our good – just like the parent eagles stir up their nests so their eaglets have to leave the comforts of their nest and learn to soar as they were created to do.  We, too, are meant to soar spiritually with the guiding of the Holy Spirit that lives within every born again believer in Jesus Christ.  “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 KJV   Today, we will hear the last of the series.  I must say, several members have been commenting on how their nests have been stirred and how God has meant it for their good.   Tonight, Brother Andy Pollard will be our preacher at the 6 pm service.  God has been stirring up his nest and has blessed him with a new nest! 

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August 2019 Praise Report

     To start the month off, we had a group of five men come from  Canton  Baptist  Temple  in  Canton,  Ohio  to  help us celebrate our one year anniversary at the church, as well as do some work projects on the building and participate in the town’s annual Jubilee Parade. While they were here, we had our largest outreach event to date at the local park. Once the weather cleared, the people came, and the response was amazing. We connected with a lot of families, and everyone in attendance heard a clear Gospel message. On that Sunday, we had  a  baptismal  service  in both  the morning  and  evening services.

     That  morning, Vincent, who we met one year ago at the Jubilee Parade, followed the Lord in baptism. In the evening, a lady who had been recently saved, Margi, also follow the Lord in baptism. Her 92 year old mom, Esther, was in attendance that night. After the services, she wanted to talk about being saved. She had attended a few services over the past several weeks, and she was now ready to talk with someone. The first question she asked before we began to explain how to be saved was, “Is it too late for me to be saved. Am I too old?”  Of course, our answer was no, and that  night, 92 year old Esther prayed to be saved! Praise the Lord!

     Later on that week, we walked in the parade and handed out church information cards with the Gospel on them. We also handed out free water, tea, coffee and sweets.

      Two weeks later, we had another baptismal service. This time we had the biggest group baptized since we arrived. That night  five people  from one  family  took their  first  step of obedience as believers and were baptized. It was an amazing service  with over  60 in attendance, and all five shared their testimonies.

     Too wrap up the month, we took a group of 11 to camp. It was a great week to say the least. Richie was the Junior Camp Speaker, and throughout the week, there were seven Junior Campers who made professions of faith. Of those, three were from our church. All of them are part of the family recently baptized.

     Prayer Requests: Please  pray  for  the church, these new believers, and our family. With all of these wonderful victories come spiritual attacks.

Richie, Missy, Briton and Isabella Orrick

Winning the Welsh For Christ

Remarks From The Pastor - August 11, 2019

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning and welcome to Temple Baptist Church where I trust you will sense a Christian welcome.

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Good morning Church!    Can you believe it, school starts tomorrow so let all the mothers in the church shout “AMEN!” Our Temple Christian School, along with many other schools in Brevard County both private and public, will be starting tomorrow.  Let us pray also for the Christian teachers, administration staff and students in the public schools.  Pray that they will show and speak the love of God to the lost and that many will be saved.  I am so thankful to God for our Administrator Mrs. Rhonda Gordon and the staff she is responsible over.   The hand of God is moving among us here at Temple.  Please be in prayer for an exciting school opening tomorrow.  Mrs. Gordon and her staff have arranged for officers in the Titusville’s Police and Fire Departments to be greeters in the lobby to all our students.  We teach our students to have respect and appreciation for our First Responders who serve and protect all of us.

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Summer 2019

New Building, Same God

     This summer has been one blessing after another here in Xinzhuang. We started the summer of by prepping the new location God has given us as an answer to our (and your) many prayers. The church has moved into a two-story location in a prime area of the city. Our church people helped a bunch by painting, cleaning and servicing our new location in order to get ready for the first official service in our new place. To God be the glory!

     We were also able to sneak away for a few days and enjoy a quick family vacation before returning back to attend a combined church youth camp. God blessed, and there was a great attendance from the many churches involved. We were blessed to welcome the traveling arm of The Wilds Camp (Camps Abroad) to help with camp games and services through translator this year.

     We finished up the summer with the church’s largest outreach opportunity, our Summer English Day Camp. This year, the Lord blessed, and we saw 33 students enroll for the week. The Sunday following, we invite the parents to attend as we celebrate and watch the kids perform their play. This celebration provides us with a natural window to share the gospel with everyone and connect with them on a more personal level as we share a meal together following the service. This year, we were blown away to welcome almost 100 people into our new church location on our Celebration Sunday. Please pray for these new families and for us as we continue to build relationships with them and their kids. 

Raise to Walk in Newness of Life

This summer, I was blessed with the opportunity to baptize a friend and brother in Christ who has been attending our church for some time with his wife and children. After spending a few weeks studying the importance and Biblical method of Baptism, he approached with the conviction that he was not baptized according to Scripture. We were able to use another church member’s community pool to baptize him and were also blessed to use this as an opportunity to testify of God’s saving grace to the people who were watching.



Missionaries to Taiwan

Remarks From The Pastor - August 4, 2019

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning and welcome to Temple Baptist Church where I trust you will sense a Christian welcome.

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Good morning everyone and welcome to the first Sunday service in August!  Our school starts in just seven more days.  PrimeTimers will be gearing back up on September 24th.  Today we will continue our series on Mounting Up on Eagles Wings.  Last week we learned how the parent eagles “stir up the nest” when it is time for the eaglets to learn to fly and soar on their own.  Most people resist having their nest stirred.  I experienced helping people this past week go through the process of having their nest stirred.  While your nest is being stirred, it is important that you not reject the stirring.  Notice I used the word reject and not the word resist because everyone, at first, resists.  The best thing to do when your nest is stirred is hold your tongue and go to God.  Don’t have a knee jerk reaction; better yet, let prayer and thought have some time to calm down the resistance within you.  Once you are calm, go talk to all the people involved and come to an agreeable decision.    Don’t allow Satan to destroy your joy, steal your walk with God and kill relationships.

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June 2019

1 Samuel 7:12:  “Then Samuel took a stone and put it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it EBEN-EZER, saying Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.”

Back in December 1968, I placed a stone (ring) on Patty Lawrence’s hand and then on May 30, 1969, we were married. God has given us 50 years  of marriage and mission service together. So, on May 30, 2019, I put another ring on her hand to begin another phase of our lives together!! “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us,” and we continue to trust Him for our future.

In this letter, I want to share two anniversaries with you. First will be our 50th wedding anniversary, and then the 30th anniversary of Bethel Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista Betel), which included the ordination of a new pastor.

Patty and I were in Saltillo, Mexico for two weeks, and enjoyed great fellowship and authentic Mexican food. We started the Bethel Baptist Church in our living room, and God began to do some wonderful things. Blessings continue to come.

Pastor Noe and wife Blanca have led the church for 15 years, and not only have many been saved, but they started a new church in a nearby town. New Pastor Jesus Acosta was ordained, and I preached his charge service.

You sent us to Saltillo as your missionaries, a church was started, and now another church is in existence. You are sending treasures to heaven as you help us spread the gospel.

Please continue to pray for Richard and Patty Comer as we make plans for travel to Mexico and Costa Rica later this year. We love you all.

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Missionaries to Mexico

Remarks From The Pastor - July 28, 2019

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning and welcome to Temple Baptist Church where I trust you will sense a Christian welcome.

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! I pray God will bless you and speak to you in the service. Today, I conclude the series on “Mounting Up on Eagles Wings.”

There will not be Jr. Church today because I feel the children will benefit from the message that is about someday living on their own. There is coming a day that your children will be making decisions and choices on their own. This is how God planned it for them. The Bible speaks about young adults leaving their father and mother and going out on their own.

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