Iona Hunt

Iona Hunt, a long-time member of Temple Baptist Church, passed away on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. 

Iona will be remembered as a faithful friend, wonderful mother and Nana to grandchildren and great grandchildren and having a great love for her Savior, Jesus Christ.She is survived by son Michael of Homestead, FL, daughter Lynne (Ed) of Newnan, GA, grandchildren, Hope, Kerri, Russell and Alex; and, two great grandchildren, Ben and Faithe along with 2 sisters and many nieces and nephews.

Services will be held at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, McAlpin, FL on Monday, April 23 at 1:00 p.m.  Higgins Funeral Home and Daniels Funeral Home are coordinating arrangements.In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Temple Baptist Church, 1400 N. Washington Ave., Titusville, FL 32796.

MISSIONS MOMENT - Corey & Jessica Kershner - Missionaries to Taiwan

March 2018

Marching Forward: We began March inviting Emily Lwo, a missionary helper, to share her ministry of reaching women and children in Asia and helping train ministry workers in local churches to reach Asian families and make disciples of children.  Our church family was excited about her ministry and motivated to partner with her, making her one of our church’s first missionary partnerships.  What a blessing it was to see our people have a heart for missions and have the passion to follow through in helping see it done!

We also had the opportunity to give our worship area and children’s ministry some needed improvement.  With the addition of a chair railing and new duo-tone walls, our church looks great! This update also gave us an opportunity to reconnect with a man who has visited our church in the past but has not yet placed his faith in Christ.  Please pray that we are able to see fruit from this connection with Mario.  

In Taiwan, it is normal to have guests come for weeks before being open to talk about the gospel.  The last week of March, we were able to share the gospel with Chanel, one of the ladies who has been coming to our services regularly in March.  With her salvation assured, we are now moving to place her with one of our mentors to begin discipleship.  Please pray for her.

New Wheels for Ministry:  We were blessed to purchase our first vehicle in Taiwan.  With a growing family and ministry opportunities, we prayed that God would give us a nice vehicle we could use for both.  God allowed us to connect with another believer in Taiwan who was selling a gently used van for well under market value.  What a blessing it was to see God answer
prayer so quickly!

With our Taiwan license in tow, we have already been able to use
our van to help bring some precious Taiwanese people to church. We
thank you for helping provide the needed funds to purchase this

Pray & Connect

  • Mario’s salvation
  • Chanel beginning discipleship
  • Wisdom as our partners leave for furlough

Remarks From The Pastor - April 22, 2018


 Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Good morning church. In today’s message we will continue our study of PRAYER. Did you spend time every day this week in prayer? Do you take time out of your busy schedule to pray? Dr. W. E. Sangster wrote: "If you are too busy to pray then you are too busy", and it was Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who said: "There is nothing that tells the truth about us as Christians so much as our prayer life". If your prayer life was a thermometer to your spiritual life how hot (in a good way) toward God would you be?  Our text today is from Matthew chapter 6 where Jesus gives His disciples a model prayer. We should never go to God in prayer asking Him for things without first addressing Him as our Heavenly Father and praising Him for who He is.



MISSIONS MOMENT - The Orricks - Missionaries to Wales

The Orricks-Wales-Banner.png

March 2018

Praise Report: The month of February found us in the Sunshine State.  We were blessed to be in some amazing churches for their missions conferences as well as missions emphasis services.  We were also blessed to have several more churches partner with us financially.  That being said, we now have 94% of our support coming in.  Praise the Lord!

During our travels, we were privileged to be a part of the missions month at Temple Baptist Church in Titusville, Florida.  This was a very special privilege for our family because this
church, through their bus ministry years ago, reached a young boy by the name of Dennis Jennings with the Gospel. That boy grew up to be a pastor, and in 2001, we were saved under his
ministry while he pastored Park Street Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida.  It was an absolute honor for Richie to stand in the pulpit at this wonderful church and proclaim God’s Word.  To make the Sunday even more amazing, a man by the name of Israel raised his hand expressing his need for salvation. After the services, Richie was able to share the plan of salvation with him, and Israel prayed to be saved!

Projects Remaining:  In February, we were once again so encouraged to receive financial gifts to go towards our special projects.  That being said, we are blessed to share that we received all the
funds needed to purchase our vehicle when we arrive in Wales!  Thank you for those who were able to help meet this need.  Along with this huge blessing, we also received funds to go towards our home setup expenses when we arrive, and we are now only needing to raise $2,400 more towards this project.

Prayer Requests:  March is going to be a very busy month with some serious traveling.  Our schedule starts us off in Florida and take us as far northwest as Seattle, Washington.  To wrap up the month, Richie will be making a quick trip to Wales to help get some things in order for when we move there in June.  Please pray for our safety, sanity and for more souls to be saved and surrender to serve during our travels.

Remarks From The Pastor - April 15, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning, church.  As I sat in my office this past Thursday with my office door open to the outside, I pondered how blessed we are to not only have a gorgeous day outside the walls of our church, but also by what takes place inside the walls of our church.

  Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

To start with, prayer is constantly going on in our buildings.  Every morning, Monday through
Friday, our students are led in prayer and the pledges to the Christian and American flags and the Bible.  We open all our Bible study classes on Sunday mornings in prayer.  We open our worship services in prayer, asking for the Holy Spirit to grow us spiritually and to save souls.

We open our PrimeTimers meeting in prayer.  Our Deacons and Trustees spend at least 20 minutes in prayer before each meeting.  Twice a month, many of the ladies have an evening prayer meeting where they pray for God’s leading in all aspects of our church.  Our choir and musicians pray before rehearsals.  In our church and school staff meetings, we spend time praying before tackling the calendar and logistics.

Do you spend time praying?  Do you make a list of people and situations to bring to God in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ?  Are you seeing direct answers to your prayers?  These are but a few questions we need to be pondering about.

Girl Praying.png

In the back of the pew in front of you is a prayer request card.  Why not submit a prayer request that is heavy on your heart to be prayed for by some of our staff?


MISSIONS MOMENT - Mike and Diane Peper - Missionaries to Sierra Leone

Mike & Diane Peper-banner.png

February 2018

Our container was shipped in December and arrived in February. It was such a welcome sight ... all these months of gathering clothes for the children in the provinces, as well as the adults, the desks and chairs, and supplies for our schools, equipment for the ministry, and food items for
our guests as well as ourselves.  In particular, a special ‘Thank You’ to all
the churches that made this possible.

We are in the process of constructing three buildings.  Since the rains begin in April, we are praying we can complete these projects before they become heavy and consistent in mid-June.  We need for them to be ready for school opening in September.

Since May of 2016, my son-in-law and daughter have conducted 48 youth camps with 10,289 students attending, 6583 professions of faith, and 21 teachers making a profession of faith in Christ.  

The Rawlings Foundation is going to build a pavilion that will seat 500 students and bathroom facilities to accommodate that number.  We are so grateful for their vision to reach the youth of Sierra Leone, as well as their 13 other locations around the world.

I want to express our deepest appreciation for your financial investment and prayers for the ministry and for us.


Hope For Honduras
Josh and Erin Taylor

Seasons: “To everything there is a season ... A time to break down, and a
time to build up.”

Here in Central America we don’t have clear-cut seasons other than “dry” and “rainy,” but certainly there are still “seasons” in our lives spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

If I could give a name to the season the Taylor Family has been in since our last prayer letter, it would be “Breaking Down Season.”  We have struggled with break-downs in health, including a short hospital stay for Josh and a trip to the emergency room for Caleb.  We have weathered bus and car breakdowns taking precious time, energy and money to solve.

With stresses running high, we have had times of emotional breakdown and discouragement as well.  Praise God these trials are not in vain, and with the inconvenience, frustration and confusion comes the peace of God and a steady increase in our understanding of how much we need Him, and how utterly incapable we are apart from Him!

Mercifully, we are beginning to experience a time of building up with a renewed appreciation for our Lord and a commitment to even more time simply abiding in Him and thanking Him for His presence.  With returning health comes a return to more ministry.

Remarks From The Pastor - April 8, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Before Jesus died, He served the Passover meal in the Upper Room with His disciples and explained to them that the observance of the Lord’s Supper was to be a memorial to His body and blood that was given in order that we may have salvation.  

  Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Last week we looked into the empty tomb where Jesus was laid and arose from the dead.  That tomb is today a memorial.  Today we will be observing the Lord’s Supper.  Temple Baptist does not exclude non-members to partake of the observance of the Lord’s Supper.  According to the Bible, the Lord’s Supper is observed by those who are “born again.”

Jesus said in John 3:7; “Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”  Also, one should not partake of the Lord’s Supper without first going to God and confessing any unconfessed sins.  1 Corinthians 11:28 says, “But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.”  The Bible does not say how many times in a year the Lord’s Supper should be served; it simply says in I Corinthians 11:26; “For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ...”  As pastor, I wait and serve the Lord’s Supper at special memorial times of the year and when I feel a strong general unity among the members of this church.


MISSIONS MOMENT - Ramzi & Ruth Kammar - Missionsaries to Jerusalem

March 1, 2018

     Winter is past behind us and Spring is at the doors.  This is a season of rejoicing for we resume a higher level of visitation and outreach.  Winter is cold and reduces mobility; and we are not keenly welcome into people’s homes.  But now we are actively preparing for two projects:  (1) Making a fresh new attempt at visitation in hopes to start a Bible Study in the other location where we are trying to start a new church, and (2) holding a Spring Vacation Bible School in the 2-week Easter vacation that students get from March 29 till April 11 of this year.  This is a new vision and our first time attempt to hold a camp at Yad Hashemona Messianic Christian resort, right above Emmaus of the Gospel of Luke.

     In the last 3 months we had 3 people saved, for which we are thankful. The Arabic Reference Study Bible website is reaching more than 800 new contacts each week, and for that we are very thankful as well.

     In 1982, I was chased out of Sidon with guns and machine guns, but today there is a stable and healthy Independent Baptist Church.  In 1991, my car was burnt and I was deported from Lebanon for winning souls and baptizing converts,  but I left behind me another healthy  Independent Baptist Church that even grew and started a mission that developed into a healthy Independent Baptist Church.  In 2006 I planted a 4th Independent Baptist Church. Today my dream is to build a 5th one.

     For the last year and a half I have been earnestly trying to find a home that will host us to start meetings; but without success. Now, and on the 22nd of this month of March 2018, I am beginning my first visitation effort to knock doors and see where would the Lord of the Harvest have a home for me to win souls and start a Bible Study.  I am fasting and praying, and I covet your prayers.

     We do have various financial needs for projects. Please pray with us.

Your missionaries to Jerusalem, Israel,

Ramzi & Ruth Kammar


Missions Moments

The Autersons in France

Prayer Requests

· Pray with us that many visitors would come to our Easter service and hear about the hope we have through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

· Please continue praying for the salvation of the two young catholic women who have been coming regularly to our Tuesday night prayer meetings.

· Please pray that God would provide a vehicle for us to travel in for our summer furlough.

· Most importantly, we pray for more souls to be saved, baptized and added to the family of God.


Remarks From the Pastor - April 1, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests


 Senior Pastor Tom Portor

Senior Pastor Tom Portor

Because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave and death, I can say, “Happy Easter” to you.

You know, Muhammad died and was buried. His faithful followers take pilgrimages to visit his remains.  The same is true of Buddha and other religious leaders. But it is not true of Jesus Christ.  You cannot visit His remains; you can only visit his empty grave, because He isn't there.  He Arose! Jesus gives us power over death and the hope of Heaven for all eternity!

In your bulletin this morning you received a booklet and a card.  The booklet will explain how you may have your sins forgiven and how to have a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  The card is to remind you to go on line to: for free video answers to life’s questions.  Thank you for celebrating Resurrection Sunday here at Temple Baptist Church.



MISSIONS MOMENT - Becka McMurphy - Missionary to Thailand

January—February 2018

One Year Anniversary: I remember when I was in college, one of my writing assignments was to write a one-year report letter as if I had been on the field for one year.  I can’t believe I’m actually writing it now!  Feb. 1st marked the one-year point of being in Thailand.  It’s so crazy to look back on the past year and see all that the Lord has done.  He has given me so many blessings that I could write page after page of all that the Lord has done for me, in me, and through me.  I have officially finished with language school.  I’m nowhere near fluent, but I have learned so much.

As I reflect on this year of living in Bangkok, one thing is constant—the Lord’s faithfulness.  No matter what the situation, good or bad, He was always by my side.  This past year has been full of learning a new language and culture, making new friends, and experiencing new things.  I’m so
thankful for this opportunity to minister alongside other missionaries here in Bangkok to reach the Thai people for Christ. Thank you so much for your love and support this past year.  It would not have been possible without your prayers and financial support.  May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness!

  Matt Trill & Becka McMurphy

Matt Trill & Becka McMurphy

In Case You Didn’t Hear—I’m Engaged! I have been dating Justin Trill for about a year and a half.  I’m grateful that the Lord has given us strength to continue a long-distance relationship. Justin is the son of Pastor Matt Trill in Largo, FL, and during this past year, he has been completing his internship requirements at Cherry Street Baptist.

January was definitely full of surprises—my favorite being when Justin came over to Thailand. While he was here, he asked me to marry him!  We will be getting married June 23 in Largo, FL. We are looking forward to what the future holds and are excited to be in the process of becoming career missionaries through the BBFI in September this year.

Our hearts will forever be in Thailand, and we can’t wait to be back here and start our ministry

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me as I transition back to the States in April.
  • Pray for those who will come behind me in my ministries here at Bangjak, and that it will be a smooth transition.
  • Please pray for Justin and me as we pursue our call to missions in becoming career missionaries to Thailand through the BBFI.
  • Continue to pray for all the different ministries connected with Bangjak Baptist Church and wisdom for the leadership of the church.