Remarks From The Pastor - July, 23 2017

Good Morning Church Members and Guests...

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

David said, “Oh if I had wings like a dove then would I fly away and be at rest.”  Becky and I are doing a little traveling and we hope to visit Lancaster, PA. to see the play Jonah at the Sight and Sound Christian Theater.  Becky and I both thank God every day for our church family and what God is doing at Temple.  Often times I hear someone say, “My church family means so much to me.”  It is a blessing to me to see fellow church members coming along side of each other and being an encourager and help in time of need.  Or to see new members make friends at their new church and start fellowshipping with other members during the week!  Today your preacher will be Retired Pastor and now Missionary Danny Strickland.  God has led him to work with the people of Romania.  He will be speaking at both Sunday School and at the morning service.   Be sure to shake his hand and tell him how much you appreciate him coming today. 



Remarks From The Pastor - July 16, 2017

Good Morning Church Members and Guests.

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

Today, I will be at Temple Baptist Church too.  Temple Baptist in Knoxville, Tennessee with my wife, Becky, and her dear mother Margaret!  Today, you will enjoy Pastor Don Norman, who has been a friend of mine for 17 years!  Pastor Don has always been an encourager to me.  He is a man with a servant's heart, serving both the young and older generations.  Back in the 70's, he was Jerry Falwell's Minister of Music at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia.  We all watched Don Norman sing on TV, especially on the Old Time Gospel program.  Don Norman is no stranger to us here at Temple.  He has led music for years at the PrimeTimer Jamboree. Introduce yourself to him and thank him for coming today to encourage all of you as he has done for me.



Remarks From The Pastor - July 9, 2017

Good Morning Church Members and Guests

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

What a blessed time of the year for TBC!  The celebration of our nation and the 50th Anniversary of our church!  I am blessed to pastor such dedicated members who worked very hard to make our celebration a success!  Now let us move into the future to reach more souls for Christ and see our church grow for God's glory! 



Remarks From The Pastor - July 2, 2017

The 50th Anniversary of Temple Baptist Church has finally arrived!  We welcome all of you here today especially our visitors, newest members and some from back in the day! 

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

On July 9, 1967 Temple Baptist Church had its first pastor, Pastor Wendell Correll along with his wife, Mary Ann and their three children, Wendy, Kim and Greg.  It is almost impossible to speak to anyone 40 years or older, that has lived in Titusville all their lives, that did not, at one time or another, ride a red, white and blue bus to Sunday school at Temple!  What a legacy Pastor Correll left for us to build upon.  Mr. Greg Correll, who is with us today, is representing the Correll family in the morning service and speaking tonight as the first administrator of our Temple Baptist School.  This church’s second Pastor was LeRoy Eldridge along with his wife Shirley and their four boys, Jon, Peter, Dan and Josh.  Pastor Eldridge took the reins as pastor in the year 1997 until 2010. God called me to come on pastoral staff in August of 2000 along with my wife, Becky and our three children, Tara, Shad and Amy.  I was called to be the pastor of this church family in the year 2010.  God is alive in the hearts of this great church family.  God has done great things in the past and He is still doing great things among us here at TBC!  For that we are most thankful to God Almighty. 

Pastor Tom


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