Remarks From The Pastor - June 17, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

 Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Happy Father’s Day!  I pray your day will be filled with joy and blessings from your family.

Summer is here and our teens are off to Teen Extreme Camp tomorrow morning.  We are thankful for Coach and Mrs. Briggs for leading our teens to camp.  We are also grateful for the adult chaperones helping out with caring for the bus full of campers.  

Camp is a place where campers will be confronted with real life problems and will be given Biblical instructions to know how to handle those problems.  Camp is a timeout from the humdrum and lazy days of summer.  

Teen Extreme is awesome!  It is on the modern campus of Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida. Many of the teens in our church would not be going to camp if it were not for the generosity of many of our church members who donated money to help them get there.  

Our church truly is a multi-generational church where each age group is a blessing to
another age group.

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MISSIONS MOMENT - The Orricks - Missionaries to Wales

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June 2018

Praise Report:  We write this month’s letter to you from hot and humid Springfield, MO where we went from winter right into summer.  In some ways, it’s a blessing to have a little bit of summer now because when we arrive in Wales on June 13, we will be missing the warmer weather for sure.

Speaking of things heating up, we jumped right into moving mode once May arrived.  In last month’s letter we asked everyone to pray for our RV to sell, for the details with our container to work out, for the purchase of our plane tickets, and for our visas to be approved.  We are so excited to share with you that our RV has sold, we purchased our plane tickets, our container is
on its way, and we officially have our visas! God has answered prayers in a powerful way!  We cannot say thank you enough for your prayer support.  It has certainly been our power supply.

During the month of May, we were also blessed to wrap up deputation with our very last church in Kansas.  It is so overwhelming to realize all God has done through our travels.  We were blessed to be in so many amazing churches and develop so many long-term relationships.

Along the way, we have witnessed several surrender their lives to serve our Savior and 74
souls made decisions to be saved!  Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests:  We are scheduled to fly out on Tuesday, June 12.  We are still praying for our family dog, Hank, to make the journey with us.  Right now, we have a plan in place that seems
pretty hopeful, weather pending.

Please pray that the outside temperatures in Kansas City and Chicago will not reach 85 degrees or higher at the time of boarding.  If they do, it could cause some challenges.  

Our plan is to put him on an earlier flight out of KC to hopefully avoid the high temps there.  Also, we are needing to receive our Transfer of Residency relief number from the UK so we will avoid significant taxes and fees when our container and our dog arrive.  Once we arrive in Wales, we will be looking to rent a home, purchase a car, and begin setting up life in a new country.  Please pray for our family as we transition to the country of Wales.

Remarks From The Pastor - June 10, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests


Good morning church! This coming week is VBS Set-up Week.

   Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

My wife has over 40 wonderful VBS volunteers who will be ministering to the children of our church and in our community.  The week of VBS is June 25 – 29, in the evenings from 6-8:45.  We welcome you to invite the children in your neighborhood to come each night.  Why not pick up some VBS flyers at the Welcome Center and pass them around? You may be the start of reaching a child and his or her family for Jesus Christ.

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MISSIONS MOMENT - Norman and Patricia Brockway - Missionaries to Hispanic America

May 2018

Prison Ministry:  In 2012, Julio Mendoza was a prisoner in the Detention Center where I preach.  On Easter Sunday he gave this testimony:  While in the detention center he attended the services and was saved.  He submitted prayer requests every week to the Spanish church here in Warner Robins.  He was being taken to the airport to be deported when the bus broke down, and he was returned to the prison.  The next day he was told of a change in his status, and in two weeks he
was given a permanent visa to stay in the country.  He has since seen his son graduate from high school, and the son is now in the U. S. Army.  His daughter has graduated from college and is an elementary teacher.  They wanted to honor the Lord on Easter Sunday and came 180 miles to say thank you to our church for its prayers. And I want to thank you for allowing us to continue to minister year after year and see God’s hand at work.

Church Ministry:  I recently had the privilege to marry Guadalupe and Guadalupe (yes, they have the same name).  They have two teenage children and had been living as husband and wife but never married.  They both confessed to be saved and were convicted about their marital status.  I married them in their home and now both of them, as well as Jose and Jacqueline, have become part of the church family.

The Autersons in France

Egg Hunt:  Over half of Cannon’s second grade class came to the egg hunt party at our house!  We were able to make many contacts, and each child went home with their crafts, a small bag of Easter candy, and an invitation to our Easter service. The parents were touched and appreciative.  We pray God will work in the hearts of these families.

Tea Party: The ladies of our church had a tea party at a member’s home.  Over 20 ladies attended, including some who’ve never been to church!  The ladies enjoyed a craft time, games, finger food, tea and a devotional about Ruth.  One visitor asked more questions about Ruth on their way home.  Another lady agreed to having a Bible given to her.  Please pray that those seeds planted will grow.

Furlough Vehicle: Thank you to all who prayed with us concerning a vehicle for our summer furlough.  The Lord has provided a van for us to travel in through a fellow missionary!  We are so grateful for His provision.  We pray He will give us traveling mercies this summer as well as additional financial and prayer partners for His ministry here in France.

Remarks From The Pastor - June 3, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning church!  Today we will look at the sanctity of marriage, what to look for in a mate, and how to keep your marriage strong.

   Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

We have couples in our church who have been married for a short time and we have couples who have been married for over 60 years.  Since the early 50s, American marriages have been under an all-out attack by Satan.  The number of single parent households is at an all-time high. Too many dating couples fall ‘in lust’ instead of godly ‘love’.  My mother-in-law prayed, asking God to prepare a mate for her child, even before her child was born.

Marriage is a total commitment for life, so plan for a successful one!

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MISSIONS MOMENT - Shane & Kayti Salmon - Missionaries to Thailand

March—April 2018

A Great Easter:  We hope that Easter this year was a wonderful day of celebration for each of you! It was a great day at Bangjak Baptist. We had a great  attendance,  I was able  to lead the choir in one of our favorite specials yet, and we even got to see a shadow play put on by the deaf ministry! We are thankful for the Lord's resurrection, and for the opportunity to share it in a place where most have never heard about it!

Futsal  Camp:   Our  futsal  camp  is  upon  us!  Each  year,  my  parents' non-profit organization, Friendship Bridge, puts on a camp for its futsal teams. Camp includes hours of practice, fun games, and Bible lessons twice  each  day.  Camp  started  May 3rd, and finished on the 5th. We prepared for between 20-30 kids to participate this year. Last year we saw 7 accept Christ as their Savior, and we are praying for more to surrender their lives to Christ this year.

New Bible Study Group:  We were so excited to be able to start a new Bible study for young professionals this past month! We have met twice already at our house with between 8 and 9 people each time, and we are looking forward to our meeting next week! We have a great mix of long-time believers, new believers, and an unsaved lady in our group so far! Please pray that through this Bible study we will see hearts changed!

Reconnecting Through a New Prep Course:  Along with our new Bible study, we are involved in a new English class as well!  Kayti is teaching a TOEFL prep course. The TOEFL is an intensive English exam geared toward college level adults and above who are interested in studying or working in primarily North America.  Each Saturday, after the class, I teach a short Bible study as well. This class has enabled us to reconnect with some young members of the church who have not been faithful, and we are hoping this renewed relationship will bring them back to serving the Lord! Please be praying for Kayti, as teaching a course like this takes many hours of preparation each week!

The Lord at Work:  Master is a 16-year-old guy who first came into contact with my parents' ministry a few years ago through soccer. Since he started coming, unruly at first, the Lord began to work in Master's heart, until he trusted Christ in 2016!

Since that time, he has been a leader on the soccer field, and a faithful member of the church, even through the heartbreaking loss of his mother a little over a year ago. Master's faith has not gone unnoticed at home. Recently, his dad, Mr. Fone, started coming to church for the first time! He has expressed multiple times how he is thankful that Master is coming to church and being able to help with our soccer ministry. It is so exciting to see him in our Thai Sunday school class and showing so much interest! He asks a lot of questions, and last Sunday, he even memorized his first Bible verse! I know that we--and Master!--would really appreciate your prayers for the salvation of Mr. Fone. We look forward to the day that we can tell you about the fruit of those prayers!

Remarks From The Pastor - May 20, 2018

Good Morning Church Members and Guests

Good morning!  Last week we recognized our graduates from various institutions of learning.

 We need to pray for them and also for ourselves that, as Christians, we be a people with integrity.

  Senior Pastor Tom  Porter

Senior Pastor Tom  Porter

 Let us all obey the scriptures and provoke one another to do our best and to establish godly integrity into our lives.  Integrity is the state of being of sound moral principal, upright and sincere. Proverbs teaches us that it is better to be poor and have integrity than to be rich because of deception.   Job confirmed God’s confidence in him by proving that his integrity was not dependent upon how much he had or how well it was going for him.   Job had every excuse to become bitter, complaining and resentful.  He lost his wealth, his family, and his health all in a day.  It was his integrity – who he was when things were good and when things were bad – that maintained his walk with and trust in God.  When we choose to conduct ourselves with integrity, we will, without fail, find the paths of blessings for ourselves and for our families. 

 To show support for our graduates, we all need to be present tonight at 6:00 PM for Temple Christian School’s 2018 graduation ceremony.  Mr. Robbie Hallock, a TCS 2004 graduate, will be our commencement speaker.


MISSIONS MOMENT - Kerry and Terri Psinas - Missionaries to Grenada

March 2018

WOW!  We just finished over 4,800 miles on the road!  In 34 days, we traveled through 10 different states and spoke in 13 different churches.  Five of those were missions conferences.  We slept in 14 different beds during those 34 days!  The challenge of sleeping in that many different beds is trying to remember the layout of the room in the middle of the night!

     I (Kerry) do not like to talk about finances, and it is a very rare occasion that I do in a prayer letter.  We just got an email informing us that one of our supporting churches closed its doors.  One church would not be that alarming, but this is the THIRD supporting church of ours that has now closed!  We want you all to know that we are not quitters.  We thank God for each one of you who are praying and still supporting this ministry.  We will never take that for granted.  Please pray that God would raise up new churches and families to partner with us as He has us incredibly engaged in this Grenada ministry.

     After being back home for only 48 hours, we are unpacking and repacking to head for a missions conference in Indiana, and then another one in Ohio.  Because of all the churches the Lord has sent us to over the past year, we are sold out for the 2018 missions trips and 50% sold out for 2019!  Thank You, Lord!

Mike & Diane Peper, Salt & Light for Sierra Leone

     The election for the new President of Sierra Leone took place April 7, and the results were given on the 11th.  The opposition party candidate won and has been sworn into office.  Although there were disturbances throughout the country on the 12th, everything has since been peaceful.  At first, we had been told the new President was a Muslim, but we have found out that he is a Catholic.  I will be returning to Sierra Leone the end of April. Please pray for God’s blessings upon us and the ministry.

     Diane will be working with our schools and conducting seminars with our  teachers.  My focus will be on our churches, the buildings that are being constructed, establishing a special children’s ministry, teaching in our Bible Institute and preparing for the military seminar the first week of June.

The financial needs are enormous at this time.  Besides the monies provided for three of our buildings, we have need for the completion of two others.  The seminar will be budgeted at $5,000.  The set-up cost for the special children’s ministry—canopy, benches, tables, etc., will be about $500.

     I am  extremely  grateful for  your  faithfulness to this wonderful harvest field.



Remarks From The Pastor - May 13, 2018

Good Morning Church Members and Guests

Today we come before the Lord with thanksgiving in our hearts for Mothers!  It has been said, A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” 

  Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Charles Stanley once said, Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servanthood. Every day, women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of their families. Whether they are awake at night nursing a baby, spending their time and money on less-than-grateful teenagers or preparing meals, moms continuously put others before themselves.  All mothers here today will receive a gift.


Today we will also be recognizing some of our graduating students.

MISSIONS MOMENT - Kris & Rose Marie Blumer - Missionaries to Peru

  Kris & Rose Marie Blumer

Kris & Rose Marie Blumer

March 2018

     Nichol listened to the preaching of God’s Word intently.  The following week he remained in the room but was occupied with something else.  At least he didn’t leave.  I cannot say how much he listened.  Pray for the Word to sprout.

     I am in five of these neighboring villages regularly.  Several other villages exist; nearly out of reach for a day trip there and back.  Bible studies there are still one-on-one.  I meet with three families and make several other stops along the way including two public schools.  In May we will begin a Saturday Bible study outreach for families in Antapuecro where Mr. Nichol is.

     Great News!  Three weeks ago in Antioquia, the administrator of the public high school called a brief meeting with me to discuss doing things differently this year.  I felt a little like Nehemiah, so I prayed like Nehemiah!  Rather than downsizing the outreach, she asked me to increase it by giving a chapel each week!  The auditorium is nothing more than an empty classroom which holds about 40 seated students.  Last week there were 25 including ourselves and some teachers.  A few of the instructors had not received the word and could not change their class schedule that day.  However, God is Sovereign, and Lord willing for the next three weeks I’ll be making an entrance to the gospel with the entire school.  As I had done before, I am still taking some of my own LMCS students along to mentor them in personal evangelism.  I beg you to pray for this new open door.  Please bear in mind that the village priest has the position to end the services, but he does not have the power.  Only God has that.

2018 Ministry Goals

Church Plant:  Currently we are working the church plant which has a weekly Sunday  service  and Sunday  School hour that I teach.  The Sunday church services  average  60-70.  We  also meet  with  members  and  visitors once per week for Bible study. This quarter we have moved the meeting from Thursday to Wednesday, which is difficult because it is the same day I go to the villages of Antioquia.  Pray for travel safety.

Resources:  The Lord is richly blessing, especially with the vehicle.  It has been used over and over for hauling supplies and used when others are in need of transportation.  Although we miss riding the public bus and talking with the day workers going to and from their jobs, in reality the vehicle has opened up a more flexible schedule.    

Pray for specific vehicle needs.

Help:  We have been praying for a Peruvian National to join in and help with the rural village ministries.  Arturo, a 2013 PCC graduate is accompanying me each week.  He has been praying for God to give him a ministry to work in.  If the Lord wills, the partnership will be greatly useful in the cultural and linguistic areas.

Other Prayer Requests and Praises

  • Antioquia village missions
  • Mission teams and our family visiting in 2018
  • 2018 ministry budget review
  • Dedicated time to prepare lessons and preaching
  • PRAISE!  New tires!
  • PRAISE!  Auturo assisting in rural villages