Micah - Oklahoma City, OK and Beijing, China:  I was saved at the age of 5 as a missionary kid in China. At age 16 God called me to go back to China as a missionary. At 18 I attended Bible College where I was a Preacher Boy, a Church Bus Captain and a Jr. Church Worker. After I graduated in 2014 my wife  and I were married and I later served as a Teen Director for 1 year before starting part-time deputation in October 2015. We started full time deputation after we went to BIMI in June 2016.

Emily - Lima, Peru:  I was saved at the age of 13 in Lima, Peru. At age 18 I worked at a deaf orphanage in Peru. The year after I came to Bible College in the United States. When I was 19 I surrendered my life to do whatever God wanted me to do. Then in 2013 I surrendered to be a missionary. In 2015, Micah took me on a missions trip to China. We were there for 1 month and I cannot wait to go back. 

Lily - Oklahoma City:  I was born in April of 2016. Though I do not understand why we are seeing a lot of different places and always traveling; I have kept a good attitude and like to make my mom and dad smile. My favorite things to do is sing and explore!

Hudson - Oklahoma City:  I was born in October of 2018. I still have no clue what is going on. I'm just along for the ride!

ParadiseTo day thou shalt be with me in paradise. Luke 23:43.

I have meditated on this verse all week. When I came back to the States for Bible College in 2010, my Grandpa was kind enough to let me stay with him. He taught me everything I know about cars and he was the reason I learned guitar when I was younger. When we started deputation, he and his house became “Home Base”. Lily was always looking forward when we could come back to “Papa’s” house. Several years ago, he had a stroke, but that didn’t stop with from playing with his great-grandchildren. He even beat melanoma... or so we thought.

We were coming back from our East Coast meetings when we were told that my Aunt had taken Papa to the ER. Concerned for him, we increased our  driving  each day and  arrived home  a day early.  He was still in the hospital when we arrived since his melanoma had come back and spread to his brain and onto his brain stem. He was in the process of radiation which didn’t do much to his Stage 4 Cancer.

Based on what doctors were telling us we were hoping and planning that he would live another 6 months – 1 year. We brought him home, and 5 days later, just 20 days after he was taken to the ER, Papa went to Paradise. While my mom, wife and myself stood by his bedside watching him slip away, I couldn’t help but think of two things. First, the paradise that he was walking into. He was going to see his Savior and his wife again. Second, was the Comforter that Jesus left us after returning to Heaven. As tears flowed down our cheeks and as we felt the pain of our loved one going away, there was a peace in our hearts from the Comforter reminding us that we will see Papa again.

How many families go through something similar without the hope and peace of God? Not because they knowingly rebuked God, but because they were simply never told. As a Christian who is watching the “Last Days” unfold and as a grandson who just watched his grandfather pass away, I am reminded how short our time really is. Satan has done a masterful job in clouding our minds with so many things that we lose our focus. Luke 19:10 For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. When Christ came to this earth His focus was on the lost. As a Christian should that not be our focus as well?

Please pray for us as our desire to go back to China is stronger than ever. We want to leave as soon as possible. We are praying and seeking guidance in when the best and safest time would be to go back to Communist China.


Lalmans China.png


Missionaries to China



We are the Evans Family from the Florence Baptist Temple located in Florence, SC. The Lord has called our family to serve Him as church-planting missionaries to Sierra Leone, West Africa!

Currently  we are on  deputation  raising  the  much-needed  financial support to reach Sierra Leone while the door is open and the people are receptive. It is our desire to partner with mission minded churches and individuals in the Great Commission as their representatives on the field. We  are passionate  in our efforts  to connect  God’s  people  and  His resources with His plan of reaching every creature with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

 There is a revival taking place in Sierra Leone right now and we MUST respond to the opportunity of reaching these people with the Good News  before the door closes! Although this country is dominated by Islam and tribal religions, the people of Sierra Leone are very receptive to the Gospel with scores of lost souls turning from their false religion and placing their faith in Christ each year! We will be partnering with veteran missionaries Mike and Diane Peper who have served the Lord faithfully in Sierra Leone for many years. The need for laborers is great! The Pepers have obediently prayed for help with the harvest, and we are the answer to their prayers.

The  Lord  has  used  them  to  plant  sixteen  churches  (pastored  by nationals), organize four Christian elementary schools, and establish a Bible institute affiliated with Louisiana Baptist University. The ministry also has a very strong influence among the military in training chaplains as well as holding an annual conference in which the Gospel is preached to hundreds of military personnel and government officials.

In the capital city of Freetown, which has a population close to 6 million people,  there  remains  much work to be done. As a team, we will continue to reach this country with the Gospel, make disciples, plant more local, New Testament churches, and with God’s help impact all West Africa

 April was a busy and fruitful month--both here in states and abroad in Sierra Leone. First, we have been blessed to add several new partners to our support team! In Sierra Leone, preparations were underway for the annual military conference in June in Freetown.

May was an incredibly busy month! Shaun finished his degree at PIU, Christin and the children ended their school year, and many weekends were filled with appointments, as well as planning for three months of deputation  travels!   God  continues  to  bless  us  with  many  opportunities to share the field of Sierra Leone and to continue growing our financial partners and prayer warriors. Thank you for your continued prayers  as  we  travel  west  throughout the summer with many scheduled meetings spanning the Southwest and West Coast.  As of now, most of 2019’s calendar is full.  God is so good!

Shaun, Christin, Kaitlyn, Kameron, & Wes Evans


Evans Family.png


Missionaries to Sierra Leone, West Africa



May Fellowship Week

   Every  May we look forward to Fellowship Week at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. It is a great time seeing missionary friends and catching up with pastors from around the country. 

   Our favorite day is always “Missions Day” when we get to meet the new missionaries getting approved. We were able to see several friends get approved as Career Missionaries & WIN Missionaries, which is a huge blessing! It’s also a blessing and honor to see missionaries that are recognized for their service for 30 & 50 years. What a great testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision!

Thai Tidbits

News From the Field:  It’s always great to hear of the exciting things going on in Thailand, and we wanted to bring a few of those requests and praises to you. 

   There  are several  English  students that  have shown interest in salvation recently. One of these is Rico, who we believe is very close to accepting Christ. Another is a deaf college student named Noon. Recently, she was very convicted but scared to take that step of faith because of her mom. Please pray for both of these individuals that they  would soon  accept  Christ.  Also, please be in prayer for the missionaries there that are continuing to witness to them.

   This past Sunday (June 2), we got word that Mr. Fone, a man we’ve been praying for over a year, got baptized! He accepted Christ in his apartment on his own recently and was excited to get baptized as soon  as possible.  We  are so thrilled  to  hear  how  the Lord is continuing to work in Thailand and are excited to get there as soon as possible to help out in the ministry there.

 Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for our doctors and nurses as we prepare for Henry’s arrival. (ETA: 7/9/19)

  2. Pray for comfort for Becka in these last few weeks of pregnancy.

  3. Pray that our calendar would continue to fill up for 2019 and 2020.





Missionaries to Thailand




   We have so much to praise the Lord for this past month, so let’s start with a story about a man named Bret. One Sunday, he literally stumbled into our evening service. After the services, we did our best to counsel him with a warm cup of coffee and eventually one of our families walked him home. Days later, Richie  saw him  in town, but this time he was able to have a coherent conversation. After talking awhile, Richie told Brett how to be forgiven. That day, Brett prayed to be saved! Since then, there have been extreme “ups” and “downs,” but we are praising the Lord that Brett has started attending our Wednesday night Bible study faithfully for the past few weeks. Please pray for Brett to have victory over the strongholds in his life as well as his spiritual growth.

   As we continue in our time of praise, we also want to give you an update on the young lady from Germany, Michelle, who got saved back in March. This past month, she decided to follow the Lord in baptism. Please keep her in your prayers because by the time you receive this letter, she will have already returned home. Her family are not believers, and she will have very little spiritual support. We have connected her with a missionary family in Germany, and there are talks of planting a church where she lives.

   To share another praise worthy bit of news with you, the night  of Michelle’s  baptism,  another young  lady,  Ola from Poland who is also an exchange student, wanted us to explain to her in more detail about what the Bible says about salvation. The following week, just before the evening service started, Ola came to us and said she was ready to be saved! She returns home in July, so please pray for her spiritual growth while we have a few more weeks with her.

Prayer Requests

  • The spiritual growth of these new believers as we disciple them

  • The spiritual attacks that come with all the victories

  • We have camp coming up in July with 10 of us going

  • In July, we are planning our biggest community outreach thus far

  • For more souls to be saved

  • For our family as we serve faithfully here in Wales





Reaching Hearts in Taiwan




April 2019

 We hope you had a great time celebrating Easter, and most recently, Mother's Day with your church and the people you love! This time of year is always full of fun, excitement, and opportunities to share the Gospel in big ways! In Thailand, summer is already in full swing, with temperatures in the 90's and 100's, even before considering the heat index! Since our last letter, we have celebrated Judah's 3rd birthday, the Thai New Year (Songkran), and Easter. We can't wait to fill you in on all that's happened.


As we mentioned already, in April, Judah turned 3 years old! Thank you to those of you who sent Judah birthday cards! Every time we received one in the mail and read it to Judah, his face was just beaming! As Judah's vocabulary, understanding, and curiosity grows, we really ask that you would pray for him, as well as for us. He really loves to hear Bible stories, and his spirit seems tender to the Lord. Please pray that he would come to trust Christ as his Savior as soon as possible as we continue to share with him about Jesus. Also, now, more than ever, he is noticing all the Buddhist temples and is starting to ask about the people he sees bowing before statues and praying. Please pray for us to have wisdom about how to answer his questions in a truthful way, but also in a grace-filled way.


Easter this year was a wonderful time at Bangjak Baptist Church. Fresh back from a short furlough, my dad, Ricky Salmon, preached the message, I led our choir in special Easter music, and Kayti sang one of the solos. We also saw two new believers baptized after the service. There is perhaps no more exciting way to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior than that! With a full room, the atmosphere was charged with voices of Thai, Filipino, Libyan, Pakistani, British, American, and Chinese people in attendance. We were also thankful to see the faces of some members and non-members who have not attended in a long time. We are so thankful for the resurrection of Christ, and we are always praying for more ways and opportunities to tell the people here who have never heard about it!


Another thing that we look forward to during the Summer is our youth soccer camp. This year, we had 20 athletes participate in the three-day camp, and our church's song and youth leader, named Easter, taught the twice-daily Bible lessons. We were happy to see several hands raised after lessons, indicating interest in learning more about Jesus, and we were excited to see three teens trust Christ as their Savior! Please pray that these athletes--both saved and unsaved--will get connected to the church so they can learn more about Christ and begin to serve Him.


We've told you about our new modular English courses that we started in March. We are ecstatic to tell you that the Lord has continued to bring new students our way! So many, in fact, that after the first few weeks, we had to set limits on our class sizes, because we just don't have enough teachers or rooms to hold more. Every week, we see students from high school or college-age, all the way to some who are business owners, college professors, and retirees. What an amazing door the Lord has opened for us to reach into the lives of many different people who need to hear from Him! 

One college-aged student, Aon, had accepted Christ as her Savior, but was searching for a church. She joined our English program and immediately became involved in the church--helping with activities and singing in the choir. Aon also brought friends with her to study English with us, and brought her mom to participate in our Songkran celebration. Not only that, but was also one of the two people who followed the Lord in baptism on Easter Sunday! We are encouraged to see how the Lord is using the English program to bridge the gap between our church and both our unsaved and newly-believing students.

Shane & Kayti Salmon.png

Shane & Kayti Salmon

Taking Truth to Thailand





   A Spring of Family Ministries

   This year our church’s Easter celebration was a very special event seeing God’s house full of people. God blessed with over 53 packed into our church building. We still have many who are in need of salvation. Please pray with us that their hearts will be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

   This spring has also been a special time for Mothers as we both celebrated Mother’s Day and welcomed another new baby into our church family. Jessica was also given a special opportunity to speak in Chinese at a ladies’ baby shower event where she did an excellent job. Our ladies and children’s ministries continue to experience exponential growth, and we praise God for the continued influence we are able to have on those who are shaping the next generation of young people in Taiwan.

   These past months have also been a great start to our new monthly ministry for men and fathers. We have seen God bless with a continued increase of those attending our events, and we have been able to use these times to reach out to some of the husbands of the women in our church who, in the past, had no desire to attend a church service. Max is one of those men, and we ask that you please pray with us that we are able to lead him and many other of these men to faith in Christ.

   On a personal note, please pray for our daughter, Adeline as she will be beginning school here in Taiwan at the end of July.

The Church Keeps Growing

This spring we have seen a steady increase in the number of visitors who have come to our ministry and outreaches. One young lady, Wendy, came to Taipei for college and found us online. She began coming to our church and shared her story of being the only Christian in her family. We quickly adopted her into our church and loved her like a sister.She recently began discipleship in our church and, after a clear understanding of salvation testimony and Biblical baptism, she, by statement of her precious faith, joined Hope Baptist Church



Corey & Jessica Kershner

Reaching Hearts in Taiwan

   We wanted to send you our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for having us into your church to present our ministry and burden for the people of Korea. It was an absolute joy to be with you and fellowship in the name of Jesus Christ with you all. We wanted to send you our sincerest gratitude for taking care of our every need while we were with you. God will not forget your labor of love toward us. We thank you for the wonderful hotel accommodations. We thank you for the tickets to the NASA Space Center. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Further, we thank you for your grace and love toward us in the generous love offering you provided to help meet our needs. You went above and beyond, and we thank you for your grace toward us. We thank you for your prayers and commitment to support us for $75 a month. We are overjoyed with the thought of being your representatives to reach the people of Korea with the Gospel. We will be praying for you all and for God’s blessings to be upon you. May God bless you all as you seek to serve Christ more. We love you and thank the Lord for you.  Kurt, Rachel, Samuel and Annaliese Robertson

Contact Information




Kurt and Rachel Robertson

Following in His Footsteps to Korea



     Since our last prayer letter, there have been many exciting things that have taken place! On April 14, Josh was ordained by our home church in Westerville, OH. It was a stressful night, but also  a  night to  celebrate  God  calling  him  into the  gospel ministry. It was great to have an awesome group of men on his ordination council. There were also several family members that came out to make the night even more special.

   On  May  1,  we  were  approved as career missionaries to Honduras. Our first term on the field was a time of training and learning. When we go back, we will be working independently from  the other family we were working with.  We will be  spending the next 5 months traveling and reporting to existing churches and also visiting many new churches to raise more ministry support.

   As we return to the field this October, there are also big changes. The couple we were working with will not be returning to the field, so we will step into their ministry and oversee the works they had started. What this means to us is that we will be helping grow the church, training three young men that have surrendered their lives to the ministry, helping run a Manna feeding center, and working to make disciples. While this is a huge responsibility, we are looking forward to the opportunities that God has given us, and can’t wait to see how He will work all things out!   

Prayer Requests

* Safety while traveling this summer

* Wisdom in planning for ministry in Honduras


* Successful ordination

* God providing ministry direction

* Two new church partners


Web:   Facebook: Hope for Honduras


Baptist Bible Fellowship International

Josh, Erin, Caleb, Micah and Rebekah Taylor



Josh and Erin Taylor

Hope For Honduras



   The Bible College in Mante celebrated its graduation services with good  preaching,  singing and giving  18 graduates their diplomas. Bro. James Smith, who was born in Mante was the special speaker. His father started the school years ago. We are praying the graduates will find a place to serve the Lord. The attendance of the services was good.

   The churches in Reynosa continue to preach the gospel to a city that is in distress because of the shootings and killings each day. Angel Zapata and Juana, his wife, started and pastor the Philadelphia Baptist Church, where they have been faithful for 40 years. Their oldest son is also a pastor in Matamoros. Angel has papers to cross the border but seldom comes to McAllen.

   Valentin  Santos  and Elsa, his wife, were recently asked to pastor the Calvary Baptist in Reynosa. They had an attendance average of 30 with 6 saved last month. He works in a factory to help support his family.  Bro. Valentin is a good man, and we expect the attendance to grow. He was encouraged when I talked to him two weeks ago. We hope you will pray for him.

   The church we started and organized with Antonio and Inez has the best location in Reynosa and best opportunity to grow. Antonio had a big scare last month. A drug cartel leader called to tell him he had to pay 40,000 pesos or he would kill him and his family. We prayed with him, and 10 minutes later, he was called back to say that he had confused him with another cartel leader!

   I would like to translate a few words form Abel Delgado, who is a pastor in Monterrey and sent this to me recently. Abel was saved and trained by us.  

“I am one of your converts and hope you and Mrs. Harvey are fine. Here in Guadalupe Victoria where I pastor, we have an attendance of 120.  I only  teach on Sunday morning;  others  preach in the  other services. I am loved and cared for by the church. You and Mrs. Harvey were like parents to me. You have a large heart and so do those you have trained. I hope to drop by to see you soon. We will have eternity to talk about God’s blessings upon us!”

   The Patrick Baptist in Dallas County is where I was saved, and I have a love for this church. Bro. Stephen Hamm is the pastor, and they have a burden to see the Spanish speaking saved. The church has bought a building for them in Ferris, and soon they will have services there. We pray for them every day.



Bill and Quessie Harvey

Missionaries to Mexico



Our hearts are so full of praise to God after returning from our Word of Life Europe retreat in Croatia. It was just overwhelming to hear the many stories of people coming to the Lord and growing in Christ. 206 of the 280 staff members were able to attend from 15 of the 18 European countries where Word of Life has ministry.

In our last  prayer letter, our itinerary listed visits to Serbia and Bulgaria before the staff retreat. God had other plans for us. Due to an influenza epidemic  in  Serbia,  and  the  serious  illness  and  hospitalization  of    Elizabeth Vika, we rerouted to Germany where Bob spent many hours in consultation with the staff. We were then able to minister to Sergio Tyschenko and his associate staff in Varna, Bulgaria.

Tidbits From Europe:  All Word of Life Europe campgrounds are being prepared  for  the thousands  of children  and  teens who are already registered to be at one of our camps this summer. We would so much appreciate your prayers for our staff as they prepare the camp facilities as  well  as  their  hearts for the activities of this summer.  Pray for protection, for the sports programs, for the many counselors and for the Spirit of God to speak as the leaders and guest Bible teachers minister to the campers.

After being in Europe, we came home with a great burden for our staff in Russia and Bulgaria. Sergey and Margarita Lapin in Russia and Sergio and Tania Tyshchenko in Bulgaria are both under-supported and need many more partners who will become part of their monthly support team, as well as one-time sponsors for campers this summer.

Matthew Melville  gave  a great report about the blessings of their Easter camp in Portugal. God is again doing a great work in that country.

Matals Radziwiluk in Ukraine told of the changes taking place in the hearts of  so  many  of  the  Bible  Institute  students  from  the many surrounding countries. They are thankful for their new building.

Our International Bible Institute in Hungary is again filled to capacity. We have a good number of students from USA and Canada studying there.

 The Tim Good family tour was a great blessing to many, and people we meet are still talking about the inspiring concerts. They are now back in Poland training leaders in churches and preparing for the upcoming summer camping season. Pray that their swimming pool will be ready for camps this summer. It was such a blessing for Mary Anne and me to sing with them during this tour, as well as bring a short missions message in each of these concerts. Our ministry in Poland is beginning an “English for Life” program this fall and is in need of short term teachers (who can use the Bible to teach English to the Polish young people), as well as kitchen, maintenance and house-keeping personnel. Please contact Word of Life Poland if you are able to give two months to serve in this endeavor.  Check out this link:

Kenya, East Africa: Harrison and Flo Airo had 200 campers at the satellite camps in Marsabit and Mundeku, and 250 in a home for orphaned children in Rangwe. 24 received Christ, and 22 made dedication decisions. Chris and Teresia Mwal’wa reported they had a wonderful camp in the slums of Nairobi again in December. Our campgrounds in Nairobi and Mombasa were also filled with teens, and many made lifetime salvation and dedication decisions. Please pray for our Kenya staff. God is doing great things in that country in spite of the unrest due to terrorist attacks.



Bob & Mary Anne Parschauer

Word of Life, European Representative


2019, A New Year With New Goals

   This year holds lots of excitement for us as we will add a new family to the team toward the end of the year. Adam and Ayla Cottrell with Jaxton are finishing up their final months of deputation before they travel to Bangkok to start their first term here. Meanwhile, we are also trying to get more Thai men to take ownership of different ministries. Please pray for smooth transitions and wisdom during this time also. We are excited to see God work as we have continued to separate our English services.

   We are excited to see God work in the lives of the Thai people and also people from all over the world. We praise the Lord for Mr. John Smith who accepted Christ in January. He is from the UK, and his wife is Philippino. She accepted Christ two years ago here at Bangjak Baptist Church. He has been attending services and discipleship classes since that time.

The Legacy Project

   The Deaf Bible Translation of the New Testament has now been named the Legacy Project. It will be a legacy for the 200,000 deaf people in Thailand who will have God’s word in a version they will understand. We are so thankful for our partners in the US who are jumping in to make this project truly happen. We have recently received donations totaling $35,000 which will complete our estimated projected costs to produce the New Testament. We are currently to date editing the clips of the Gospel of John and already have draft one of Luke up to Chapter 9 that is being reviewed. The Gospel of Mark is 99% complete. Our copyrights are approved and paid for, so all is moving along well. We are adding to the staff  one more  checker, Ing, who is  currently a second  year college student, and we will be adding a signer this month also.

National Champs! Four Years Straight

   The  Sports Authorities of  Thailand held the 34th Annual Sports Competition for the physically disabled in January. Bangjak Baptist hosted a team of 33 deaf athletes competing in Futsal, Badminton, Table Tennis and,  of  course,  11-man  Soccer.   We represent  the  province  of      Nakhomayok each year.

   Due to great coaching and a team spirit that never gives up, our team not only made it into the finals, but in 11-man Soccer placed first in the nation—our  fourth year in a row! We also had many opportunities to present the gospel and even heard some non-believers  discussing the final game, saying it was God’s blessings that brought victory. We also brought home bronze medals in Doubles and Singles Men’s Badminton, and also 5-man Soccer.

Our Time in the United States

   We were in the US from Feb. 1 till April 9. In the 10 weeks, we were in 21 churches. We met with many pastors and individuals who partner with the ministries here in Thailand. We also met with teams that have visited our ministries in Thailand. There were so many blessings we received in so many places, we couldn't begin to list them! It is always good to come back to good American food and see American churches. It’s great to have time with our families, and it was a great time of spiritual refreshment also.  Any time we have stepped  out of the work for a short time, it is always helpful when we return to get a fresh view of the different ministries and to reevaluate for the future. Please pray with us  as we try to continue growing,. Pray that we have wisdom in helping Thai men to step into leadership positions so the work is sustainable and will continue growing.


Rick and Tammy Salmon

Salmon’s Ministries in Thailand