MISSIONS MOMENTS - Josh and Erin Taylor, Hope For Honduras


     Last month, Josh had the opportunity to pause his furlough travels and go to Honduras for a week. The purpose of the trip was to meet with the  Santuario  Bautista  Vida church leadership,  and to accompany a ministry partner, Mark Carter with Avance Trailhead, to explore avenues for future partnership. It’s always great to spend time with the young men in leadership, and unite our hearts toward ministry. While the leaders have been doing a great job, they are excited for us to return to help out and provide more direction. Mark Carter and Josh, together with future missionary Eric Woodworth, checked out some potential spaces for rent for a future site for our Tegucigalpa church. If you recall, the church is currently meeting in a temporary facility. While we did not find an exact location, we did find a venue, through the help of Stephan, to begin a new soccer ministry! In partnership with Avance Trailhead, we will  start  this ministry with  an initial  one-day soccer tournament on November 1st. We are anticipating many young men will sign up for our tournament, and this will give us a door into the community to preach the life-changing message of the Gospel.

     Our long-term plan is to find a space near the soccer field to house the church. Our return back to Honduras on October 17 is quickly approaching! During the remaining days, we have churches to visit every week to raise additional ministry support. We have enjoyed coming back to the states and being close to so many friends and family. As we prepare mentally and spiritually for the trip back to Honduras, we know in the upcoming days there will be difficulties while readjusting back into the Honduran culture and to a different type of life. It is during those difficult days that we will covet your prayers. We know that many of you read through our prayer letters, and do pray for us. We thank God for that. We are very optimistic about what God is going to do in Honduras as He prepares the ground for a great spiritual endeavor!

 Prayer Requests

* Smooth transition back into our home in Honduras Oct 17

* A well-run, God-honoring soccer tournament Nov 1

* Funds to purchase replacement bus / van for Carpintero Church 


* Parsonage at Carpintero Church nearly complete!

* Josh’s safe and profitable trip back to Honduras

* Recent Carpintero event was attended by 96 children! 


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