(Continued from last week)

     Banjak Baptist Church was our very first work we opened in 1994. It was just a small student center at first, but within the first year, we were holding regular worship services and Sunday School classes every Sunday. We averaged between 15-25 adults every Sunday. We are so thankful to see how the Lord has continued to bless this church and call out pastors and full-time workers in the ministry. Two of the Thai pastors who accepted Christ and were trained on staff at our church sent videos to share. They were both away preaching in other parts of Thailand on July 21st when we celebrated.

     We combined all of the different ministries for an amazing service with the international side and deaf all present together sharing in song and testimonies in their own languages. We had 300 plus present for the service and the meal that followed. We rented a meeting room at a nearby college for the special occasion. We will be so happy if, in the future, we have a building of our own that we could all meet in to worship together.


     It was a special honor to be asked by Baptist Church in Bangalore, India to be the key speaker for a special soul winning conference. As a team with Bob and Terrie Sutton, Tammy and I went to Bangalore to encourage and hold workshops over the span of three days with members of four different churches who came together for meetings. It was a joy to  fellowship together with their people and challenge them to reach out to Indians in Bangkok. We look forward to hosting more mission trips with them in the future and further training meetings on missions work in Bangkok. 


     We are bursting at the seams! With the new module style of teaching six weeks at a time and the outreaches we have had recently, we are thrilled to report that we now have five classes. Every  room is  filled,  and  we are  excited to see  many  of the students now attending worship services also. Our annual ladies meeting is also coming up the 7th of September, and several of the students have already reserved their spot! It’s an exciting thing to see the Lord working in the hearts of those who are hungry to hear, and in the new Christians who are starting to share their story also. Please pray with us that we will continue to see a harvest of souls as we sow in faith. We know that His Word will not return void. The sole purpose of teaching English is to share the gospel message after every class. It is a wonderful opportunity to talk with 40 Buddhist students about Jesus and see them eagerly asking to know more. Please pray the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts and free them from the lies they have been taught all their lives.