We started our Bible Institute ten years ago next month and had  our first graduating class right before the Ebola crisis. During that critical time, we had to close down the Institute and  reopened  it in  the  fall of 2015.  This October,  we will celebrate  our second  graduating  class  achievements  by offering to them a Bachelor’s Degree from Louisiana Baptist University and Seminary for their hard work. This event will take  place  in our new Institute  Building.  This  facility  will accommodate  80 to 100 full-time  students, a  library,  and computer classroom, and office space.

     Now begins the process of putting together our five-year plan of moving the Bible College to the Rawlings Foundation property. This move will allow us to grow to 500 students, not only from Sierra Leone, but from other West African nations.

     As we work toward those goals, we want to incorporate a farming program to help defray the cost of feeding the young people who attend the camp, as well as providing room and board to the students. To launch this program, we would like to purchase 50 goats at a cost of $20 per goat.

     Please pray that we will be able to capture Sierra Leone for Christ and develop the strategy to impact West Africa.

     Thank you for making all of this become a reality.


In Christ,

Mike & Diane Peper