Some of the pastors who have called me have reported God’s blessings in their churches. David Arteaga continues to labor in Cd. Madero (Tampico). He has 40 in attendance and makes a living for his family driving a truck.  We hope you will hold him up in your prayers.  He has a wife and two children.  The oldest is 20 and married with children. David is characterized by his humility and love for God.

     Julio Ramos and his wife Alejandrina have labored 17 years in Axtla. This is an Indian village, and few people care to work with them. Most of these people speak a dialect but understand Spanish pretty well. They have two children; the oldest is finishing secondary, which is about equal to 8th grade in the US. If she continues her studies, she will have to live away from her family. The average attendance is 60, with another 20 in their mission. They reported six saved last month.

     The Mission in Antiguo Morelos was started by a small congregation in Pachon. They sent Ildefonso there to work when he and his wife were students. I remember preaching for them once when the congregation met in the backyard of a Christian family.  Upon graduation, Ildefonso and Beti were invited to stay on as Pastor. The mission grew and was organized as the Beautiful Church. They have an average attendance of 110, and they had seven saved during the past month. Both Ildefonso and Beti are teachers in the school in Mante.  They have started a mission in Nuevo Morelos with an average attendance of 35. During the past month, four were saved.

     Most of the churches in Mexico have their VBS in July. Their youth camps are in this month also. The young people only have this month that they are free of school activity. In Reynosa, Bro. Antonio reports an attendance in the school of 135.  There were 25 professions of faith. Since adults attend, they had ten adults saved. Average attendance is 150. Reynosa is the most dangerous city in Mexico; shots can be heard and people are killed on a regular basis.