August 2019 Praise Report

     To start the month off, we had a group of five men come from  Canton  Baptist  Temple  in  Canton,  Ohio  to  help us celebrate our one year anniversary at the church, as well as do some work projects on the building and participate in the town’s annual Jubilee Parade. While they were here, we had our largest outreach event to date at the local park. Once the weather cleared, the people came, and the response was amazing. We connected with a lot of families, and everyone in attendance heard a clear Gospel message. On that Sunday, we had  a  baptismal  service  in both  the morning  and  evening services.

     That  morning, Vincent, who we met one year ago at the Jubilee Parade, followed the Lord in baptism. In the evening, a lady who had been recently saved, Margi, also follow the Lord in baptism. Her 92 year old mom, Esther, was in attendance that night. After the services, she wanted to talk about being saved. She had attended a few services over the past several weeks, and she was now ready to talk with someone. The first question she asked before we began to explain how to be saved was, “Is it too late for me to be saved. Am I too old?”  Of course, our answer was no, and that  night, 92 year old Esther prayed to be saved! Praise the Lord!

     Later on that week, we walked in the parade and handed out church information cards with the Gospel on them. We also handed out free water, tea, coffee and sweets.

      Two weeks later, we had another baptismal service. This time we had the biggest group baptized since we arrived. That night  five people  from one  family  took their  first  step of obedience as believers and were baptized. It was an amazing service  with over  60 in attendance, and all five shared their testimonies.

     Too wrap up the month, we took a group of 11 to camp. It was a great week to say the least. Richie was the Junior Camp Speaker, and throughout the week, there were seven Junior Campers who made professions of faith. Of those, three were from our church. All of them are part of the family recently baptized.

     Prayer Requests: Please  pray  for  the church, these new believers, and our family. With all of these wonderful victories come spiritual attacks.

Richie, Missy, Briton and Isabella Orrick

Winning the Welsh For Christ