April-May 2019

Easter in Bangkok

Getting back to our churches and outreaches in Bangkok has been very energizing. While we were in the USA for a short furlough, Shane, Kayti Salmon, and Bob and Terrie Sutton, Tommy Tucker and Lu May did a great job of continuing all the ministry outreaches. We are  blessed  to  have a  great  team  of leaders who  work so  well together and share the same burden to see souls saved. It’s wonderful to see God’s hand on each ministry. Easter Sunday was especially blessed as the choir sang, “Worthy is the Lamb” in English and Thai with all their heart and English and Thai services combined together to  worship  the Lord.  We had an especially big  crowd with many visitors,  but  the greatest  blessing has to be  watching folks get baptized  at the  close of  the  service.  We are  so thankful to see people  continuing  to accept  Christ  and then  following  Him in baptism. Please pray for John Smith from the UK and Miss Awn who was also baptized on Easter Sunday.

Two Serving God, Now United Serving Together

It’s been a year since Mr. Lu May came to join our team here in Bangkok as a single Team Missionary. His desire is to reach out to people  in  Laos  through  a  creative  access  venue  due  to  the communist government still being in control. Laos and Thai language are very similar, and he will probably be living in Thailand traveling into Laos. While studying and serving here at Bangjak Baptist, he met one of our Thai Sunday schools teachers who has been faithfully serving over 10 years. It has been good to see their relationship grow  as  God  led  them to  join together  as a team to serve as a married couple.

 They were married at the end of April, and we fully support them in their desire to continue in missionary work together. We pray and ask you also to pray for Lu and Lek as they serve the Lord here in Thailand and in the future in Laos People’s Democratic Republic.

The Bridge Language Center

Shane and Kayti have been working hard with the English Center, “The Bridge,” while we were in the US. They reevaluated the teaching system and designed new modules to teach, along with placement tests to group students with similar abilities. They also have reached out to new prospective students to share the gospel. Their efforts have  been  very successful,  and we now have a new group of 30 English students studying every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We want them to find community here at the church so they can form relationships and that they may see Christ in us. Please pray with us that every time they hear God’s word following the English class, the Holy  Spirit  will  work in their lives,  and  that  we  will see a great harvest.


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