Remarks From The Pastor - July 21, 2019

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning and welcome to Temple Baptist Church where I trust you will sense a Christian welcome.

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

I want to wish all of you present here today a Happy Sunday!  Be sure to check out all the nice weekly events Temple Baptist Church has to offer.  They are shown in your church bulletin, and you can also go on line at:  

Let me encourage you to start making Sunday Bible Study a priority in your life.  Sunday Bible Study is where you will meet new people, make friendships and grow your fellowship with God.  Get up an hour early and come experience the power and meaning of God’s Word next Sunday at 10 a.m.

In today’s world, not many people make the conscious effort to come to worship God at church like you did today.  The “church” is the believers in Jesus Christ, not the buildings.  The Bible teaches that Jesus shed His blood so that we could have our sins forgiven; for without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin.  I pray that if you are not sure of your eternal destiny, you will settle that today at the end of the service during the invitation.  We will have someone down front to show you from the Bible how you may become a Christian.  “Good” people don’t go to Heaven, only forgiven people go to Heaven.  That is why Jesus made a way for you to escape Hell and give you life everlasting in Heaven. 

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