Remarks From The Pastor - August 11, 2019

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning and welcome to Temple Baptist Church where I trust you will sense a Christian welcome.

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Good morning Church!    Can you believe it, school starts tomorrow so let all the mothers in the church shout “AMEN!” Our Temple Christian School, along with many other schools in Brevard County both private and public, will be starting tomorrow.  Let us pray also for the Christian teachers, administration staff and students in the public schools.  Pray that they will show and speak the love of God to the lost and that many will be saved.  I am so thankful to God for our Administrator Mrs. Rhonda Gordon and the staff she is responsible over.   The hand of God is moving among us here at Temple.  Please be in prayer for an exciting school opening tomorrow.  Mrs. Gordon and her staff have arranged for officers in the Titusville’s Police and Fire Departments to be greeters in the lobby to all our students.  We teach our students to have respect and appreciation for our First Responders who serve and protect all of us.

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