Remarks From The Pastor - August 4, 2019

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning and welcome to Temple Baptist Church where I trust you will sense a Christian welcome.

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Senior Pastor, Tom Porter

Good morning everyone and welcome to the first Sunday service in August!  Our school starts in just seven more days.  PrimeTimers will be gearing back up on September 24th.  Today we will continue our series on Mounting Up on Eagles Wings.  Last week we learned how the parent eagles “stir up the nest” when it is time for the eaglets to learn to fly and soar on their own.  Most people resist having their nest stirred.  I experienced helping people this past week go through the process of having their nest stirred.  While your nest is being stirred, it is important that you not reject the stirring.  Notice I used the word reject and not the word resist because everyone, at first, resists.  The best thing to do when your nest is stirred is hold your tongue and go to God.  Don’t have a knee jerk reaction; better yet, let prayer and thought have some time to calm down the resistance within you.  Once you are calm, go talk to all the people involved and come to an agreeable decision.    Don’t allow Satan to destroy your joy, steal your walk with God and kill relationships.

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