Micah - Oklahoma City, OK and Beijing, China:  I was saved at the age of 5 as a missionary kid in China. At age 16 God called me to go back to China as a missionary. At 18 I attended Bible College where I was a Preacher Boy, a Church Bus Captain and a Jr. Church Worker. After I graduated in 2014 my wife  and I were married and I later served as a Teen Director for 1 year before starting part-time deputation in October 2015. We started full time deputation after we went to BIMI in June 2016.

Emily - Lima, Peru:  I was saved at the age of 13 in Lima, Peru. At age 18 I worked at a deaf orphanage in Peru. The year after I came to Bible College in the United States. When I was 19 I surrendered my life to do whatever God wanted me to do. Then in 2013 I surrendered to be a missionary. In 2015, Micah took me on a missions trip to China. We were there for 1 month and I cannot wait to go back. 

Lily - Oklahoma City:  I was born in April of 2016. Though I do not understand why we are seeing a lot of different places and always traveling; I have kept a good attitude and like to make my mom and dad smile. My favorite things to do is sing and explore!

Hudson - Oklahoma City:  I was born in October of 2018. I still have no clue what is going on. I'm just along for the ride!

ParadiseTo day thou shalt be with me in paradise. Luke 23:43.

I have meditated on this verse all week. When I came back to the States for Bible College in 2010, my Grandpa was kind enough to let me stay with him. He taught me everything I know about cars and he was the reason I learned guitar when I was younger. When we started deputation, he and his house became “Home Base”. Lily was always looking forward when we could come back to “Papa’s” house. Several years ago, he had a stroke, but that didn’t stop with from playing with his great-grandchildren. He even beat melanoma... or so we thought.

We were coming back from our East Coast meetings when we were told that my Aunt had taken Papa to the ER. Concerned for him, we increased our  driving  each day and  arrived home  a day early.  He was still in the hospital when we arrived since his melanoma had come back and spread to his brain and onto his brain stem. He was in the process of radiation which didn’t do much to his Stage 4 Cancer.

Based on what doctors were telling us we were hoping and planning that he would live another 6 months – 1 year. We brought him home, and 5 days later, just 20 days after he was taken to the ER, Papa went to Paradise. While my mom, wife and myself stood by his bedside watching him slip away, I couldn’t help but think of two things. First, the paradise that he was walking into. He was going to see his Savior and his wife again. Second, was the Comforter that Jesus left us after returning to Heaven. As tears flowed down our cheeks and as we felt the pain of our loved one going away, there was a peace in our hearts from the Comforter reminding us that we will see Papa again.

How many families go through something similar without the hope and peace of God? Not because they knowingly rebuked God, but because they were simply never told. As a Christian who is watching the “Last Days” unfold and as a grandson who just watched his grandfather pass away, I am reminded how short our time really is. Satan has done a masterful job in clouding our minds with so many things that we lose our focus. Luke 19:10 For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. When Christ came to this earth His focus was on the lost. As a Christian should that not be our focus as well?

Please pray for us as our desire to go back to China is stronger than ever. We want to leave as soon as possible. We are praying and seeking guidance in when the best and safest time would be to go back to Communist China. 

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