May Fellowship Week

   Every  May we look forward to Fellowship Week at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. It is a great time seeing missionary friends and catching up with pastors from around the country. 

   Our favorite day is always “Missions Day” when we get to meet the new missionaries getting approved. We were able to see several friends get approved as Career Missionaries & WIN Missionaries, which is a huge blessing! It’s also a blessing and honor to see missionaries that are recognized for their service for 30 & 50 years. What a great testimony of God’s faithfulness and provision!

Thai Tidbits

News From the Field:  It’s always great to hear of the exciting things going on in Thailand, and we wanted to bring a few of those requests and praises to you. 

   There  are several  English  students that  have shown interest in salvation recently. One of these is Rico, who we believe is very close to accepting Christ. Another is a deaf college student named Noon. Recently, she was very convicted but scared to take that step of faith because of her mom. Please pray for both of these individuals that they  would soon  accept  Christ.  Also, please be in prayer for the missionaries there that are continuing to witness to them.

   This past Sunday (June 2), we got word that Mr. Fone, a man we’ve been praying for over a year, got baptized! He accepted Christ in his apartment on his own recently and was excited to get baptized as soon  as possible.  We  are so thrilled  to  hear  how  the Lord is continuing to work in Thailand and are excited to get there as soon as possible to help out in the ministry there.

 Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for our doctors and nurses as we prepare for Henry’s arrival. (ETA: 7/9/19)

  2. Pray for comfort for Becka in these last few weeks of pregnancy.

  3. Pray that our calendar would continue to fill up for 2019 and 2020.





Missionaries to Thailand