April 2019

 We hope you had a great time celebrating Easter, and most recently, Mother's Day with your church and the people you love! This time of year is always full of fun, excitement, and opportunities to share the Gospel in big ways! In Thailand, summer is already in full swing, with temperatures in the 90's and 100's, even before considering the heat index! Since our last letter, we have celebrated Judah's 3rd birthday, the Thai New Year (Songkran), and Easter. We can't wait to fill you in on all that's happened.


As we mentioned already, in April, Judah turned 3 years old! Thank you to those of you who sent Judah birthday cards! Every time we received one in the mail and read it to Judah, his face was just beaming! As Judah's vocabulary, understanding, and curiosity grows, we really ask that you would pray for him, as well as for us. He really loves to hear Bible stories, and his spirit seems tender to the Lord. Please pray that he would come to trust Christ as his Savior as soon as possible as we continue to share with him about Jesus. Also, now, more than ever, he is noticing all the Buddhist temples and is starting to ask about the people he sees bowing before statues and praying. Please pray for us to have wisdom about how to answer his questions in a truthful way, but also in a grace-filled way.


Easter this year was a wonderful time at Bangjak Baptist Church. Fresh back from a short furlough, my dad, Ricky Salmon, preached the message, I led our choir in special Easter music, and Kayti sang one of the solos. We also saw two new believers baptized after the service. There is perhaps no more exciting way to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior than that! With a full room, the atmosphere was charged with voices of Thai, Filipino, Libyan, Pakistani, British, American, and Chinese people in attendance. We were also thankful to see the faces of some members and non-members who have not attended in a long time. We are so thankful for the resurrection of Christ, and we are always praying for more ways and opportunities to tell the people here who have never heard about it!


Another thing that we look forward to during the Summer is our youth soccer camp. This year, we had 20 athletes participate in the three-day camp, and our church's song and youth leader, named Easter, taught the twice-daily Bible lessons. We were happy to see several hands raised after lessons, indicating interest in learning more about Jesus, and we were excited to see three teens trust Christ as their Savior! Please pray that these athletes--both saved and unsaved--will get connected to the church so they can learn more about Christ and begin to serve Him.


We've told you about our new modular English courses that we started in March. We are ecstatic to tell you that the Lord has continued to bring new students our way! So many, in fact, that after the first few weeks, we had to set limits on our class sizes, because we just don't have enough teachers or rooms to hold more. Every week, we see students from high school or college-age, all the way to some who are business owners, college professors, and retirees. What an amazing door the Lord has opened for us to reach into the lives of many different people who need to hear from Him! 

One college-aged student, Aon, had accepted Christ as her Savior, but was searching for a church. She joined our English program and immediately became involved in the church--helping with activities and singing in the choir. Aon also brought friends with her to study English with us, and brought her mom to participate in our Songkran celebration. Not only that, but was also one of the two people who followed the Lord in baptism on Easter Sunday! We are encouraged to see how the Lord is using the English program to bridge the gap between our church and both our unsaved and newly-believing students.

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Shane & Kayti Salmon

Taking Truth to Thailand