A Spring of Family Ministries

   This year our church’s Easter celebration was a very special event seeing God’s house full of people. God blessed with over 53 packed into our church building. We still have many who are in need of salvation. Please pray with us that their hearts will be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

   This spring has also been a special time for Mothers as we both celebrated Mother’s Day and welcomed another new baby into our church family. Jessica was also given a special opportunity to speak in Chinese at a ladies’ baby shower event where she did an excellent job. Our ladies and children’s ministries continue to experience exponential growth, and we praise God for the continued influence we are able to have on those who are shaping the next generation of young people in Taiwan.

   These past months have also been a great start to our new monthly ministry for men and fathers. We have seen God bless with a continued increase of those attending our events, and we have been able to use these times to reach out to some of the husbands of the women in our church who, in the past, had no desire to attend a church service. Max is one of those men, and we ask that you please pray with us that we are able to lead him and many other of these men to faith in Christ.

   On a personal note, please pray for our daughter, Adeline as she will be beginning school here in Taiwan at the end of July.

The Church Keeps Growing

This spring we have seen a steady increase in the number of visitors who have come to our ministry and outreaches. One young lady, Wendy, came to Taipei for college and found us online. She began coming to our church and shared her story of being the only Christian in her family. We quickly adopted her into our church and loved her like a sister.She recently began discipleship in our church and, after a clear understanding of salvation testimony and Biblical baptism, she, by statement of her precious faith, joined Hope Baptist Church



Corey & Jessica Kershner

Reaching Hearts in Taiwan

   We wanted to send you our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for having us into your church to present our ministry and burden for the people of Korea. It was an absolute joy to be with you and fellowship in the name of Jesus Christ with you all. We wanted to send you our sincerest gratitude for taking care of our every need while we were with you. God will not forget your labor of love toward us. We thank you for the wonderful hotel accommodations. We thank you for the tickets to the NASA Space Center. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Further, we thank you for your grace and love toward us in the generous love offering you provided to help meet our needs. You went above and beyond, and we thank you for your grace toward us. We thank you for your prayers and commitment to support us for $75 a month. We are overjoyed with the thought of being your representatives to reach the people of Korea with the Gospel. We will be praying for you all and for God’s blessings to be upon you. May God bless you all as you seek to serve Christ more. We love you and thank the Lord for you.  Kurt, Rachel, Samuel and Annaliese Robertson

Contact Information

Email: Belistrengthever@gmail.com



Kurt and Rachel Robertson

Following in His Footsteps to Korea