The Bible College in Mante celebrated its graduation services with good  preaching,  singing and giving  18 graduates their diplomas. Bro. James Smith, who was born in Mante was the special speaker. His father started the school years ago. We are praying the graduates will find a place to serve the Lord. The attendance of the services was good.

   The churches in Reynosa continue to preach the gospel to a city that is in distress because of the shootings and killings each day. Angel Zapata and Juana, his wife, started and pastor the Philadelphia Baptist Church, where they have been faithful for 40 years. Their oldest son is also a pastor in Matamoros. Angel has papers to cross the border but seldom comes to McAllen.

   Valentin  Santos  and Elsa, his wife, were recently asked to pastor the Calvary Baptist in Reynosa. They had an attendance average of 30 with 6 saved last month. He works in a factory to help support his family.  Bro. Valentin is a good man, and we expect the attendance to grow. He was encouraged when I talked to him two weeks ago. We hope you will pray for him.

   The church we started and organized with Antonio and Inez has the best location in Reynosa and best opportunity to grow. Antonio had a big scare last month. A drug cartel leader called to tell him he had to pay 40,000 pesos or he would kill him and his family. We prayed with him, and 10 minutes later, he was called back to say that he had confused him with another cartel leader!

   I would like to translate a few words form Abel Delgado, who is a pastor in Monterrey and sent this to me recently. Abel was saved and trained by us.  

“I am one of your converts and hope you and Mrs. Harvey are fine. Here in Guadalupe Victoria where I pastor, we have an attendance of 120.  I only  teach on Sunday morning;  others  preach in the  other services. I am loved and cared for by the church. You and Mrs. Harvey were like parents to me. You have a large heart and so do those you have trained. I hope to drop by to see you soon. We will have eternity to talk about God’s blessings upon us!”

   The Patrick Baptist in Dallas County is where I was saved, and I have a love for this church. Bro. Stephen Hamm is the pastor, and they have a burden to see the Spanish speaking saved. The church has bought a building for them in Ferris, and soon they will have services there. We pray for them every day.



Bill and Quessie Harvey

Missionaries to Mexico