2019, A New Year With New Goals

   This year holds lots of excitement for us as we will add a new family to the team toward the end of the year. Adam and Ayla Cottrell with Jaxton are finishing up their final months of deputation before they travel to Bangkok to start their first term here. Meanwhile, we are also trying to get more Thai men to take ownership of different ministries. Please pray for smooth transitions and wisdom during this time also. We are excited to see God work as we have continued to separate our English services.

   We are excited to see God work in the lives of the Thai people and also people from all over the world. We praise the Lord for Mr. John Smith who accepted Christ in January. He is from the UK, and his wife is Philippino. She accepted Christ two years ago here at Bangjak Baptist Church. He has been attending services and discipleship classes since that time.

The Legacy Project

   The Deaf Bible Translation of the New Testament has now been named the Legacy Project. It will be a legacy for the 200,000 deaf people in Thailand who will have God’s word in a version they will understand. We are so thankful for our partners in the US who are jumping in to make this project truly happen. We have recently received donations totaling $35,000 which will complete our estimated projected costs to produce the New Testament. We are currently to date editing the clips of the Gospel of John and already have draft one of Luke up to Chapter 9 that is being reviewed. The Gospel of Mark is 99% complete. Our copyrights are approved and paid for, so all is moving along well. We are adding to the staff  one more  checker, Ing, who is  currently a second  year college student, and we will be adding a signer this month also.

National Champs! Four Years Straight

   The  Sports Authorities of  Thailand held the 34th Annual Sports Competition for the physically disabled in January. Bangjak Baptist hosted a team of 33 deaf athletes competing in Futsal, Badminton, Table Tennis and,  of  course,  11-man  Soccer.   We represent  the  province  of      Nakhomayok each year.

   Due to great coaching and a team spirit that never gives up, our team not only made it into the finals, but in 11-man Soccer placed first in the nation—our  fourth year in a row! We also had many opportunities to present the gospel and even heard some non-believers  discussing the final game, saying it was God’s blessings that brought victory. We also brought home bronze medals in Doubles and Singles Men’s Badminton, and also 5-man Soccer.

Our Time in the United States

   We were in the US from Feb. 1 till April 9. In the 10 weeks, we were in 21 churches. We met with many pastors and individuals who partner with the ministries here in Thailand. We also met with teams that have visited our ministries in Thailand. There were so many blessings we received in so many places, we couldn't begin to list them! It is always good to come back to good American food and see American churches. It’s great to have time with our families, and it was a great time of spiritual refreshment also.  Any time we have stepped  out of the work for a short time, it is always helpful when we return to get a fresh view of the different ministries and to reevaluate for the future. Please pray with us  as we try to continue growing,. Pray that we have wisdom in helping Thai men to step into leadership positions so the work is sustainable and will continue growing.


Rick and Tammy Salmon

Salmon’s Ministries in Thailand