A New Outfit for Easter

   It was Easter Sunday Morning 2005 as my wife, Chris, and I excitedly prepared to attend services.  As we arrived, we couldn’t help but notice the  church families  arriving in their new outfits and how excited the children were to have new shoes, hats, frilly dresses, etc. It was about that time that our buses pulled up with all the children from Hope. Our children were getting off the bus in their same old, tired and worn out Sunday outfits. No new shoes, no new hats, no frilly dresses—no new clothes!  Our hearts  sank as we s aw them interact with all the other children showing off their new outfits. I know that new clothes are not the purpose for going to church and especially not the importance of Easter, but none the less, it was the situation. We determined that would be the last Easter Sunday our children would come to church in their same old clothes no matter what we had to do.

   As we approached the following Easter, I asked you, our supporters, to help purchase new outfits for all the boys and girls. Your response was incredible! For the first time ever, we were able to go out and buy a whole new outfit for every child. As they stepped off the buses that year, they could hardly wait for everyone to see their new clothes! I saw them running up to their Sunday School teachers, the pastor and his wife to show them their great blessing.

   Every year  since, you have  faithfully given  so that  every  child can purchase a new Easter outfit. The bonus to this is that the children are in church three times per week, so that new set of clothes continues to be a blessing  all year long.  We also take family pictures after our Easter service, which becomes a part of each child’s memories as they grow up.

Kids Say The Silliest Things!

Theo-Kindergarten:  “Bella is not supposed to be obnoxious, and she is being obnoxious!”

Rosemary-Two years old: “Birrrdddd! It’s cold outside!”

Bella-First grade: (Hands under her chin and batting her eyelashes to her teacher): “Have I been a blessing today?”

Dr. Mike Higgins

 Hope Children’s Home Honduras

Sharing the Gospel Through Medical Missions 

One of the highlights of our year is when Medical Missions Outreach brings a team down to provide a week-long medical, dental and optical clinic. This also opens the door to allow our church to share the gospel with each person we care for. Most of the providers who come only speak English, so we have the opportunity to partner with them as translators  for  the patients. Because the children in the home are bilingual, they had the  opportunity to be  translators  and  assist in caring for 3,800 patients!  More importantly, 160 of those patients received Christ as their Savior! We are so excited about the fruit that has come from the week and cannot wait to begin ministering to the new converts and see them grow in their new relationship with Christ.

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Hope Children’s Home