One of the requirements prior to going back to Honduras in October is that Josh be ordained. Our home church will be ordaining Josh on April 14. For those of you that are not familiar with the process, it involves an examining of his doctrinal positions on the fundamentals of the faith.  These  doctrines are non-negotiable teachings of the Bible, taken right from the Bible. Part of this process is nailing down the teaching of the doctrine and then identifying Bible verses that support the doctrine. He has spent the last four months researching and putting into words what he believes and working to memorize as much as possible the doctrines and the Bible verses. At times it seems like an overwhelming task, waking up at all times of the night and reviewing various Bible verses and how all these verses and doctrines are interweaved in the Bible. He has noticed that his preaching and prayer life have been greatly helped. Upon completion, he will be an ordained minister. The title is not a big deal to him, but the rich scripture he has been able to soak up during this process is proving to be very valuable!

 The Results Are In!

While on furlough, especially on weekends that we are not scheduled to be in a new church, I (Josh) have been able to teach a little at our home church. One of the topics that keeps coming up is discipleship. I have been mesmerized with this thought of going and teaching all nations, and “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” In essence, we are teaching others how they can follow Christ. When we return to Honduras, we will be teaching the Word of God and showing people how they can follow him. We don’t only want students who talk about the Bible and its teachings, but we want people that will learn, follow these commands, and then go out and make disciples themselves. This truth is brought to fruition in II Timothy 2:2 when Paul admonishes Timothy to pass along what he has learned, so that they can teach it to others, and then they teach it as well. 

Prayer, Praise and Information


· Memory recall for Josh’s ordination

· A speedy return to fruitful ministry in Honduras 


· Many new churches scheduled

· 25% furlough goal raised due to two new partners! 


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