The Results Are In!

Last month we shared with you that we had a goal to reach 50 percent of our needed support by January 31. We have been busy communicating with potential donors and making all of the  final touches  to our  spreadsheets. Everything has been calculated and the results are in! Thanks to all of our generous supporters who have been giving so faithfully, THE GOAL HAS BEEN REACHED! What an amazing blessing it is to be able to say that this ministry is 50 percent funded after just over a year of deputation! I hope you will take some time, as you read this news, to stop and praise God for His provision. And we definitely cannot forget those who are continuing to make sacrifices to support this ministry every month. We praise God for you. Thank you for trusting in God with us, and thank you for investing in us to do the work that God has given us in Japan!

Remember, it is not too late to join in. We are looking forward to a fruitful year. We have already been hard at work, networking and presenting the ministry in several churches in Florida and  will  continue on  over  the  next  couple  of  months  in Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. If you have not had the opportunity to join in, now is your time. We want to extend  this  opportunity  to  you, to be a part of the Gospel ministry in Japan. Your prayers, one time donations, and monthly financial support make it possible to bring the hope of the Gospel to a people who presently do not know true hope because they have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you partner with us?

Pray With Us

We want you to be able to pray intelligently with us. Here are some things that we are currently praying for:

· That God would soften the hearts of those in Japan who we will share the Gospel with, that they would be receptive to the Gospel, receive the grace of God and call upon the name of the Lord for salvation.

· That God will lead and equip us to lead our children to be obedient to God, charitable to others, and patient in the midst of trial.

· That our love for the Lord and His holy Word would grow more and more each and every day.

· That we would have many opportunities to share the greatest news in the world, everyday.

· That we would be bold to speak of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, never ashamed to proclaim His name even in the hardest of circumstances.

· That God would provide many more appointments, so that we can share this ministry with people and gain lasting and faithful partners in prayer and financial support.

· That we will have the necessary training, skills and abilities to learn Japanese quickly.




The Sherrills

Chris, Miranda, Harlan and Benjamin