The Orricks

Richie, Missy, Briton, & Isabella Orrick

“Winning the Welsh For Christ”

Praise Report

We  began  this past  month with our first church-wide activity. In honor of the Super Bowl weekend, we had our very own version of “Super Bowling.”  The  activity was  well attended,  and the people really enjoyed spending time with one another outside the church walls.

Speaking of “firsts,” we also kicked off our first church-wide campaign the weekend of Valentines Day. The theme is “I Love My Church,” and the focus is on faithfulness. This campaign will conclude on Sunday, March 10, with a cook out celebration. Please pray for this event as we  are encouraging everyone to be faithful in church attendance, Bible study, prayer and witnessing.

Staying with the theme of “firsts,” we will be having our first missions team coming to visit. Our sending church, Cherry Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri was planning to take a trip to another country, and the plans did not work out. They contacted us to see if they could come to Wales instead. They arrive March 8, and we will be having a community outreach event that Saturday, special services on Sunday, work projects around the church building, canvassing, school assemblies, as well as taking in the wonderful sites of Wales. Please pray for this trip, that God would use it in a powerful way to reach more souls in Wales, as well as speak to the hearts of anyone considering serving on a foreign field as a missionary.

Some last bits of exciting news, Tracy, Amy, Chris and Steph have all decided  to  take their first step of obedience as believers and will follow the Lord in baptism on Sunday, March 10, which is when the group will be with us. Also, Briton and Bella have been working hard on their Jujitsu and are now officially green belts.

 Prayer Requests 

Please continue to pray for Melody’s salvation. Please also pray for us as we disciple the new believers, as well as many of those who were already saved. The church is growing both numerically and spiritually, but not without its ups and downs. Please pray for  the spiritual  welfare that  often  comes with the spiritual victories.

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