MISSIONS MOMENT - Shane & Kayti Salmon - Thailand

 A Few Highlights From 2018: The past year has certainly been full! Many of you have been following along with us in our ministry this year, celebrating the joys with us and praying for our various requests. We thought we'd briefly review a few of the highlights from 2018 with you, and you can hear more about them in our Salmon Snapshot, as well! Earlier in the year we saw 4 saved at our soccer camp. That same month, we were able to start a young adult Bible study in our home that we enjoyed so much! Another highlight from the year was when we held an evangelism training at Bangjak, and from there started a visitation program in the church. We love having people come to visit, especially family members. So we had a blast when Kayti's parents came for a 3 week visit! Finally, it is always a highlight each year to take our Christmas choir out into the city to sing about the good news of Jesus Christ! On Christmas Sunday and on Christmas Day, our 22-voice choir, along with a deaf ladies' ensemble, sang (and signed) a total of five times—at our church, a large mall in our area, and a major grocery store. We were also able to pass out hundreds of tracts, church brochures, and gift bags to those who gathered to listen. We are so thankful each year for the privilege to share Christ in this way with so many who do not know Him!

A New Milestone: Kayti is excited to have reached a milestone as a resident of Thailand—she now has her Thai driver's license! This may not seem like a big deal to some, but it is one thing that gives a sense of belonging and of permanence here in Thailand.



Please Keep Praying: Throughout the year we asked you to pray for some of our lost friends and some of our ministry friends. We could write pages and pages about the people we serve and how the Lord is working in and through them, but we wanted to give a brief update on how a few of them are doing.

Khun Fon, whose wife died almost two years ago, and whose son came to Christ through the soccer ministry a few years ago, is still faith- fully coming to Sunday School and service. He still asks a lot of questions, listens with interest, and gets involved in our outreaches, but he has not yet made the decision to follow Christ. Please continue to pray.

Khun Yui is a lady who has been coming for English for over a year, has sung in the choir during two Christmases, and sometimes at- tends church. She is developing closer relationships with our church mem- bers, and we are still praying for her to be saved!

Wat Dasantad was saved years ago at Bangjak through the English ministry, followed God's call on his life to reach the Thai people, and was raising support in the States with his wife and three children so they could return to Thailand and plant a church. They arrived this month and are excited to begin the work!

Becka McMurphy who served with us in Bangkok for over a year is now Mrs. Becka Trill! She and her husband, Justin, are raising support to return to Thailand, with the hope of moving here in early 2020. Please pray for them to be able to raise support quickly. They are also expecting their first child—please pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and baby.

Email: salmons2thailand@gmail.com

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