Dear Friends and Supporters, I am in the process of memorizing Psalm 63. Here are a few verses:  “O God, You are my God; Early I will seek you. My soul thirsts  for you in a  dry and thirsty  land  where  there  is no  water. Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live.”   This is our deepest desire! We want to praise God as long as we live. We praise God for all He is doing in Europe. Here are some recent reports. 

From Czech Republic, Honza & Elyse Halik: We are rejoicing that through music concerts, outreaches and clubs many people heard the Gospel at Christmas time. February brings two Winter Camp weekends as well as the finalization court for Samuel’s adoption on the 25th. March will bring a special conference for young adults. Thank you for your prayers. 

From Hungary, Gabor & Tundi Cslkos:  We were blessed to partner with Joni & Friends in our missions conference to raise support for our Special Needs Ministry. February will bring 121 teens to our winter camps in the castle at Toalmas. We are thankful for the renovations of the pavilions to house them. Thank you for your prayers.

 From Ukraine, Matlas & Ira Radziwiluk:  We are praising God for our new building,  enabling  us to  better train  our students  and reach out to our country. We are pleased to report 1,066 Gospel conversations and 7 salvation decisions  in  27  open  air trips; 421 Gospel conversations and 7 salvation decisions during 10 drama shows in schools; 92 Gospel conversations with 307 children at 6 game fairs; 324 salvations among 1,940 campers during 17 weeks of camp. We hosted 300 guests at 3 conferences, and 37 young people graduated from Bible Institute. 

From Romania, Mihai & Ana Laura Bucur:  As a result of Sam Frey’s OpenAir Evangelism training in the fall, 60 people (including 40 youth) are equipped to reach out and share the Gospel. Of the 120 young people who attended our youth conference, 32 dedicated their lives to serve the Lord, and 3 professed salvation.

The Bible Clubs in local churches are growing, and as a result 16 teams competed in the annual Bible Quiz on January 16th. This is a great tool for discipleship and spiritual growth. 

From France, Miguel & Debbie Mendoza: We are pleased to report that 1,522 teens were involved in 16 events. As a result, 189 young people dedicated their lives to serve the Lord, and 92 confessed Jesus as their Savior. We are thankful for 155 volunteers and 15 visiting missionaries.


Bob and Mary Anne Parschauer