Remarks From The Pastor - May 12, 2019

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who ever had or still have your mother!  LOL!  Today we come to honor our moms and to say, “Thank you.”  I hope you enjoyed your breakfast in the dining hall this morning.

When Becky and I were raising our three children in their younger years, they loved to please us.  I remember one Mother’s Day, all three told Becky that they would do all the cooking for supper after church.  Nine pots, 2 skillets, 4 large bowls, 11 spoons, 5 measuring cups and one whole roll of paper towels later, Becky said to them, “That was the best Jell-O I have ever had!”

Erma Bombeck once wrote:  Sometimes we forget how important stability is to a child.  I’ve always told mine, “The easiest part of being a mother is giving birth…the hardest part is showing up for it each day…” Mother’s Day is traditionally the day when children give something back to their mothers for all the spit they produce to wash dirty faces, all the old gum they held in their hands, all the noses they wiped, and all the bloody knees they “made well” with a kiss.  This is the day mothers are rewarded for washing all those sheets in the middle of the night, driving kids to school when they missed the bus, and enduring all the football games in the rain.  It’s appreciation day for making your children finish something they said they couldn’t do, not believing them when they said, “I hate you” and sharing their good times and their bad times.  Their cards probably won’t reflect it, but what they are trying to say is, “Thank you for showing up.”  And, I will add – thank you for not giving up.

God’s Words tells us in Prov. 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

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