Remarks From The Pastor - April 28, 2019

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Hello and God bless you!  We are still hearing positive comments from lots of people who witnessed our Easter service!  Again, I want to thank Mr. Danny Holcomb and Mr. Mark Wooley for the fine job with the music and choir.  I also want to thank the TBC Media team for the perfect job in running the sound, cameras and computer.  And I especially want to thank the TBC Choir for all the many hours of rehearsals they attended and for singing the truth about the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Decisions were made at the altar, and I was able to deal with folks after the service about their salvation. 

God is moving us forward as a church and we must be willing to obey, trust, and follow Him.  The Ministry Fair was a success.  Today, right after church, if you are on TBC staff and / or a Volunteer in this ministry, you have been asked to attend a very important luncheon meeting.  Our TCS Administrator, Mrs. Gordon, will be there representing the school.  Bring your mate and family.  After lunch I have, as your Pastor, a charge for serving the Lord as we serve others.  Then we will enjoy dessert and go home rejoicing in what God is doing among us.   

As a church member you should be encouraged by our staff and volunteers who are all about fulfilling the call of God in their lives.

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