Remarks From The Pastor - March 31, 2019

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Good morning family and friends of TBC. Thank you, visitors, for choosing TBC as your place of worship today. I pray you will sense a Christian welcome here. This morning, we will be in part 2 of the series Serving God. Today, we will be looking at Exodus 17:8-13. You will read about a man who faithfully served God behind the scenes. His name is Hur. Although he is not mentioned often in Scripture, Hur was a man whom God used mightily to have a great impact on Israel. He served in the shadows, and yet his obedience was critical to obtaining victory. Many of you may not be familiar with Hur, but churches around the world are filled with those who possess the same attributes as this faithful servant. In fact, I am certain there are many Hurs among us today.

Men: don’t forget to go to and purchase your general admission online ticket for the Better Man event on Saturday, April 13th. We will leave from the church at 3:30 pm.

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