Remarks From The Pastor - February 17, 2019

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Welcome to today’s service as we continue in our ‘Winter Missions Conference’.

If you are a guest today, we thank you for worshipping with us at TBC and pray you experience a Christian welcome.

We are learning at this conference that God has called every believer to fulfill The Great Commission: “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel”. Some feel unqualified because they don’t know all the theology taught in seminaries. But really, neither God nor those we are sharing our faith with are interested in that sort of stuff. What they care about is whether or not we have a loving heart and care about them. We need to have the love of God in our heart.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

It reminds me of a story about Harry Winston, who was considered the world’s greatest merchant of fine jewelry. One day, he was watching one of his salespeople show a diamond to a very rich client. He noticed how the salesman expertly described the stone and all of its fine features. But the gentleman ended up not wanting to buy. Before the gentleman could leave the shop, Winston asked if he could show him the diamond one more time. But instead of talking about the quality of the diamond, he turned it over in his hand and talked about its beauty. The gentleman was so moved that he bought the diamond. Afterwards he asked Winston, “Why did I buy the diamond so willingly from you, but didn’t hesitate saying ‘no’ to your salesman?” Winston replied, “That salesman is one of the best men in the business. He knows diamonds – but I love them.”

It’s not how much we know about God; rather it’s how much we love Jesus that is going to make the difference. And so, if we are sent by God to be the light of Jesus to this lost and sin-darkened world, what’s going to give us the power to shine? Well, to be an effective missionary, we need to be connected directly into the power source.

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