MISSIONS MOMENT - Bob & Mary Anne Parschauer - Word of Life (European Representative)

December 2018

Jesus alone is worthy of GLORY from the angelic world, all the people in this world as well as the whole universe. May we also give Him the glory for all that He has done in us and through us. He alone is worthy. Since we last sent our newsletter, we have been kept busy in eastern Canada with camp chapels, church meetings, county fair, and missions conference, etc.

While in Germany, I met with many of our executive board members as well as about 200 former part-time staff who were meeting at the castles during that time. Approximately 600 people have been part of our German team over the years. It was a great privilege for me to celebrate the Lord’s Supper with them, to greet them and thank them for their faithful service to our German ministry.

Our German director, Marco Seeba, reported that in 2018, over 8,600 children and youth experienced a Word of Life camp, a musical, a school class camp or a confirmation camp. 580 people have received Jesus into their lives. The musical “Mary and Martha” this year was a “WOW Experience” for all who were involved. The power and motivation during practices at the camps, as well as the stage performances were overwhelming. 580 kids performed to over 5,000 relatives and friends. When 100 or more children from one community are on stage, everyone comes out to see them perform, and the Gospel is presented to many people who never enter the doors of a church. What a great evangelistic tool! Please be in prayer for Alex Lombardi and Gregor Breier who are heading up this massive program.

Plans were made to begin December 15th for thousands of visitors from miles around the castle to flood the Seeburg for “Burgfest,” the Christmas festival with the WOL German Brass and other music, drama, crafts, food, clowns, “koffee & kuchen,” fireworks, face painting, sand art, tours of the castle and more.

We could have given reports from all the other 17 countries where Word of Life has teams, but this time we want to concentrate on Germany because this was our first ministry country in Europe. In our next letter, we will report from some of the other countries. Thank you so much for your faithful support and prayers for us and our ministry. You are such an important part of all that is going on in Europe today! We give God all the glory. We want to wish you God’s richest blessings.

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