MISSIONS MOMENT - Bill & Quessie Harvey - Missionaries to Mexico

August 2018

We have always seen the importance of working with children.  In Cd. Mante, we had the double task of starting the Bible Baptist Church and training workers in the Bible Institute. How God blessed, and as our student body grew, on Saturdays we were able to send the students to teach children’s classes in the homes of the families who attended the church.  Many of the children who were won to Christ in those days are now adults serving in the church.  Some of these kids later surrendered to full time service and are now pastors and missionaries.  We saw 12 such classes established with attendance of several hundred kids.  It is a joy to look back and see how God used and blessed this activity.  Many of our churches in Mexico are conducting their Daily Vacation Bible Schools (DVBS) this week and we trust with good results.

In Cd. Mante and other cities nearby, our churches have reported a good attendance with many coming to know Christ.  These churches reported 1,247 saved and 332 baptized for the last three months.  Here in Reynosa, Bro. Antonio reports God’s blessings also.  During the last three months, the average attendance was 125, and 16 people came to know the Lord as Savior.  We request prayer for all our churches in Reynosa.  We have six of our pastors and their wives who
labor in this troubled city.  We were able to give Bro. Antonio some help to get a parsonage ready to be occupied. We are grateful to God for his protection for them.

The camps this year were down in attendance of 126; there were 18 decisions for the Lord.  Two surrendered to study in the Bible Institute.  In the intermediate camp, there were 85 in attendance, and 15 dedicated their lives to the Lord. The churches were not as enthused about sending young people to camp as they were in other years.

Bro. Jorge Hernandez from Villa Hermosa, Tabasco sent a picture this week of a good DVBS he had.  We were so glad when Jorge surrendered his life to study and prepare for full time service.  Upon graduation, he pastored a church near Naranjos, Veracruz then went to Villa Hermosa to start a church. Several years ago he invited me there.  This was not the first time I had been there, but I remember the beautiful services we had. It took me 24 hours to go there on the bus.  The people responded to the Lord during my stay with them, and they treated me like a king.  God bless this church and help it to live up to its name beautiful!

We thank you for your support.