MISSIONS MOMENT - Josh & Erin Taylor - Honduras

September 2018

New Experiences: A main goal for our initial years in Honduras is to become comfortable with the people and culture, including the language, customs, and of course foods! Recently, this meant having a Honduran friend to our home to teach us how to make tortillas like she does — by hand straight on the stove-top burner. What a fun experience that allows us to better relate to a daily custom.

Bilingual schools like involvement from native English speakers, which has allowed Erin to be in two schools in the last two months. She taught two reading lessons in an elementary school, and served as Bee Master in a middle school English spelling bee. May God use these experiences in future ministry.

New Places: What a blessing it has been to continue to expand our knowledge of t he various geographic and economic areas here in Honduras. This is vital as we seek God’s direction on where He would have us plant a new church in the coming years. Recently, Josh was able to attend an outreach in an area where many of the family members of the local gang live. This is an under-reached area due primarily to safety concerns there. God provided for a safe and productive outreach, and gave Josh a glimpse of a different population of Honduras.

New Beginnings: On a personal note, our three children started their second year of bilingual school. We now have a child in each of the elementary, middle and high schools. They have fallen back into the routine much more smoothly than last year when we had only been in the country for a few days when school began. We parents have started back into Spanish lessons, this time with an on-line school that provides language learning with a spiritual focus. We are striving toward the goal of being able to have more spiritually meaningful conversations with ease. A challenge for sure!

We also continue to take our missions courses that will qualify us to be approved as career missionaries who can serve here forever. Our one year anniversary as missionaries was August 21. God has taught us so much, and we know many more lessons are to come. Thank you for a full year of prayer and support.

Prayer, Praises and Information

Prayer: God’s direction to a new church-plant location after our 2 years here; Spanish learning; and Josh’s safe travel to the US for a few missions conferences in October. Thanks for praying!

Praises: Smooth start to school, temporary residency granted, safety, and health! Praise the Lord!