MISSIONS MOMENT - Paul & Gail Tipton - Missionaries to Nicaragua

September 2018

Things have somewhat settled down in Nicaragua, by that I mean that Ortega has broken up all the road blocks put up by the opposition, and now traffic can flow unhindered. Since the protestors are not manning the road blocks, the police are not shooting at them. Ortega has not gone anywhere, and he will not agree to early elections.

The United Nations published a report blaming all the killings and unrest on him, so he reacted by expelling all the United Nations personnel from the county. He has hired ‘certain lewd fellows of the baser sort’, many from Honduras and El Salvador, some they flew in from Cuba and armed them with AK47s and Toyota pick up trucks, and they are calling them volunteer policemen. They are his paramilitary. A common scene around the cities and towns is 6 to 8 hooded men riding around in the back of trucks with shot guns and AK47s to ’keep the peace’ There are still over 1,000 people missing and no one knows where they are. A few might have made it over the borders to Honduras or Costa Rica, but the common assumption is that most are dead. A few have already turned up in ditches and waterways. It is far from stable.

Due to the uprising, most of the tourist trade is no more, and it will take it a while to rebound, if ever. A lot of factories have closed, and unemployment has risen to all time highs. Many of the factories are owned by foreign interests, and some have said they will not reopen as long as Ortega is still in control.

On a more positive note, all of our preachers are doing well. One was being sought by the police, and he was able to escape to Costa Rica. He now has his family with him and he is doing well in there. All of our churches are doing good and growing. They send me pictures and videos. Can’t wait to get back there; we miss the preachers and our church folk. Gail and I are going October 1st for one week. If we are out of the county for more than 6 months without checking in ,our resident visas will expire and we will have to start from scratch. We are having to raise some additional support; we have meetings scheduled into December with plans to return to stay in January.

Prayer Requests: Pray for Gail. She had to have cataract surgery on both eyes but she is still dealing with some floaters that are driving her crazy. Doctor said they should eventually go away. Her medical doctor also ordered some tests that we were not expecting. The bills are just starting to come in.

We were told to expect 1200 to 1500 dollars for our part, money we do not have so we are praying they will work with us to make payments. The good news NO MORE CANCER.

Pray for the preachers in Nicaragua. Most of them are bi-vocational, meaning they have to work also. Some sell goods on the street, but with no tourists it is hard to make a living at that. We have been trying to send some extra money down when we can.

Pray for us to get all our dates filled. We are trying to raise an additional $1,000 per month for the ministry. The cost of feeding the men, paying their bus fare to and from the school, and helping them start churches limits us to about 10 to 12 students a year. I also spend a lot of time going to their churches to teach, and help them when needed and gas is now above $5 per gallon. This additional support will take some pressure off.

Pray for new students. Our pastors are informing me they have several new students lined up for the new school year. Some of these are men who have recently come to know the Lord and feel God is calling them In the ministry. AMEN