Remarks From The Pastor - August 5, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Good morning church family and friends of TBC!  Our church has been busy getting ready for the new school year.  I thank God for our School Administrator, Rhonda Gordon, her office staff, Ella Hydorn and Debbie Schafer, and all of our amazing teachers!

My wife, Becky, is compiling her own curriculum for the Wednesday Kid Zone program.  One of our newest members, Rexanna Johnston, is assisting her.  Starting today, Andy Pollard and his lovely wife, Diana, are teaching Sunday Bible study to the Jr. High young people!

I would also like to thank our other Sunday Bible Study teachers, Dawn Acklin, with the teens; Lou and Ember Smith, with our College & Career class; Mike Barnes, with our PrimeTimer class; Chuck Tanner, with our Fellowship class; Garry Colvin, with our Young Families class; Becky Porter, Shirley Panning, Abbey Salazar, Pat Carlile, Barbara Gibbs and Barbara Strickland in our Children’s department.

And a big thank you goes out to Coach Briggs for driving the school van to pick up people for Sunday Bible Study and church.

Today, in the church hour, we will continue in our series from Matthew 13.  We will look into who the “sower” is.

Did any of you hand out the two things given to you last week in your church bulletin?  If so come up and tell me about it.

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