MISSIONS MOMENT - The Orricks - Missionaries to Wales

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June 2018

Praise Report:  We write this month’s letter to you from hot and humid Springfield, MO where we went from winter right into summer.  In some ways, it’s a blessing to have a little bit of summer now because when we arrive in Wales on June 13, we will be missing the warmer weather for sure.

Speaking of things heating up, we jumped right into moving mode once May arrived.  In last month’s letter we asked everyone to pray for our RV to sell, for the details with our container to work out, for the purchase of our plane tickets, and for our visas to be approved.  We are so excited to share with you that our RV has sold, we purchased our plane tickets, our container is
on its way, and we officially have our visas! God has answered prayers in a powerful way!  We cannot say thank you enough for your prayer support.  It has certainly been our power supply.

During the month of May, we were also blessed to wrap up deputation with our very last church in Kansas.  It is so overwhelming to realize all God has done through our travels.  We were blessed to be in so many amazing churches and develop so many long-term relationships.

Along the way, we have witnessed several surrender their lives to serve our Savior and 74
souls made decisions to be saved!  Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests:  We are scheduled to fly out on Tuesday, June 12.  We are still praying for our family dog, Hank, to make the journey with us.  Right now, we have a plan in place that seems
pretty hopeful, weather pending.

Please pray that the outside temperatures in Kansas City and Chicago will not reach 85 degrees or higher at the time of boarding.  If they do, it could cause some challenges.  

Our plan is to put him on an earlier flight out of KC to hopefully avoid the high temps there.  Also, we are needing to receive our Transfer of Residency relief number from the UK so we will avoid significant taxes and fees when our container and our dog arrive.  Once we arrive in Wales, we will be looking to rent a home, purchase a car, and begin setting up life in a new country.  Please pray for our family as we transition to the country of Wales.