Remarks From The Pastor - July 1, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Happy Birthday to the United States of America and Happy 51st Anniversary to Temple Baptist Church!

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

What a blessing to celebrate the birth of our Nation, where we have the liberty to birth churches “from sea to shining sea”.  There is another land called Heaven, where we shall spend all eternity!  And sad to say, there is another place named Hell, mentioned in the Bible, where lost souls will spend all eternity.  

We, as a church, believe it is our high calling in Christ Jesus to preach the good news of the Gospel – that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins by dying on the cross.  Then His body was laid in a tomb and three days later, He arose alive!  God has provided a way of escape from Hell through His Son Jesus Christ.  Spreading the Gospel is the mission and purpose of the local New Testament church.

Today I want you to meet some of the ministries here at Temple that have been very busy this summer. It is my hope that you will leave church today with a better understanding of the scope of ministry your church has in our community.

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