TempleBC now supports online giving! 

If you wish to give your tithe or offering online, you can now do so.  There are a few great simple options to do it.

1.  From our website (  Just look for the Giving section and click the 'Give Online' button. 



2. From your smartphone, you can text the word templebc to 73256.  You will receive a return message with a link that will take you to a secure site where you can complete your gift.  

TempleBC Giving-phone.JPG
TempleBC Giving-phone-2.JPG


3. From your smartphone, open a mobile browser and visit:

TempleBC Giving-phone-3.JPG


4. From your smartphone, you can scan this QR code for quick access to the giving page. 

Giving QR Code.png

You can simply choose one of these four online giving methods.  They are fast, easy, convenient, and secure.  We thank you for your gift!