Remarks From The Pastor - June 24, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning church! This week our teenagers were at Teen Extreme Youth Camp.  Be sure and thank Coach and Donna Briggs & Israel and Sandra Diaz for watching over the campers.  I also want to thank Donald McMurphy and Chuck Tanner for their fine job in keeping the summer repair projects moving along in time for our school’s opening date of August 7.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

We are also thankful for the Temple Restorers who donate their time and energy to keeping our buildings and grounds looking so nice!  Mrs. Rhonda Gordon, our school’s Administrator, has her staff doing a wonderful job in the school office registering students, receiving next year’s curriculum, filing, and preparing for over 200 students!

Our school has added both K-3 and K-4 classes for next school year.  Five of our K-12th grade classes are already full!  We are thankful for Trustee Ken Thomas who has been busy getting our digital church sign repaired.  We also are thankful for Trustee Lou Smith in overseeing the church septic problem.  This has been a busy week in the church office as well.  

I want to thank Pat S., Lynn, Michelle and Debbie for working diligently on setting up “online giving”.  Be sure and read the bulletin insert as to how you may now donate and pay your tithe online.  What has driven the need for online giving is fact that fewer people are using checks or carrying cash, which hinders them in consistent giving.

My dear wife, Becky, has a super team of over 40 volunteers who have been working day and night for over a month in preparation for Vacation Bible School which starts at 6 PM. tomorrow! We have over 40 children whose parents have pre-registered them!  We have been praying for over 80 children to attend VBS.  I would encourage everyone to come tomorrow night at 5:20 PM for a special time of prayer.

You will have time to visit the various classrooms to see the beautiful and exciting decorations.  Our prayer is for children to see and understand their need for Jesus as their Savior.  And secondly, we want to have an opportunity to speak to the parents about their salvation.  Most of all, I am thankful for God’s unending mercy and blessings on this church

I love you all in the Lord.

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