MISSIONS MOMENT - Scott & Melissa Newton - Missionaries to Spain

Is there anything better than watching God keep His promises?  Our entire faith and lives are planted on the foundation of God’s faithfulness:  That He will carry out His plan of redemption, call out a people for His glory, and pour out His goodness and grace on them for all eternity.  

In Jeremiah 3, we see another promise in connection with the beautiful Gospel pledge to not look on His children with anger, and display His great mercy:  “And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

This last week, we saw, at our church, God working out that promise as the congregation ordained Javier Perez to the Gospel ministry!  It was a beautiful service and a day that our people with never forget.  Besides myself, there were three other local pastors who laid hands on Javier, and then we heard his public commitment to this local church, promising by the grace and help of God to love, serve, submit to, and feed God’s people.

Many supporters have asked how this gift of another pastor to the church will affect our plans and ministry, so I would like to give a brief sketch of how we believe God is directing us.  Although Javier will be assuming the role of lead preaching pastor, I will be staying in the church in a pastoral position but with a slightly different focus:  Discipleship, outreach, and training.  I will
continue to preach, though less regularly, freeing me to invest more time in working intentionally with men training for ministry, as well as with other members of the church.  I believe this will be both the most beneficial for the church at this stage of its life, and also for helping to take its next steps in reproducing itself in God’s timing.  Please pray for Javier and his family as they are taking this important step, for the church as they seek to grow in their sacrificial giving to sustain them economically, and for us as we transition to this new stage.

I am writing this letter from Washington DC, where both Javier and I are attending an intensive ecclesiology course—9Marks Course—at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  It has been exciting and encouraging to see not only what God is doing through the 9Marks ministry, but in spending time with other pastors from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world.  Please pray that we will return to Spain better equipped to serve and love God and His church, and that these relationships we develop this week will produce great fruit for the extension of the Gospel through healthy churches in these nations.

We are only three months away from our summer furlough, and are grateful for the doors God has opened to share our ministry with new potential partners.  I am in awe that God has done so much so quickly that we can leave for furlough after our first term confident that there is not only a mission, but a solid and nationally led church that will thrive in our absence!  None of the credit for that can go to us, and I don’t mean that with any false humility: I have made more mistakes
than I could mention without being very ashamed, but thank God that His grace abounded more than our sins.

Please pray for the church leaders to grow greatly under the weight of added responsibility, for
our time away to be refreshing, for churches and believers in the USA to be encouraged and challenged in God’s global plan, and for our financial needs to be met in His providence.  If any supporters feel led to help with travel costs (plane tickets, rental car, lodging, etc.), we
would be very grateful.

May the grace and peace of Christ be with all of you, and know that we love and appreciate all you do for Him and for our family.