MISSIONS MOMENT - Norman and Patricia Brockway - Missionaries to Hispanic America

May 2018

Prison Ministry:  In 2012, Julio Mendoza was a prisoner in the Detention Center where I preach.  On Easter Sunday he gave this testimony:  While in the detention center he attended the services and was saved.  He submitted prayer requests every week to the Spanish church here in Warner Robins.  He was being taken to the airport to be deported when the bus broke down, and he was returned to the prison.  The next day he was told of a change in his status, and in two weeks he
was given a permanent visa to stay in the country.  He has since seen his son graduate from high school, and the son is now in the U. S. Army.  His daughter has graduated from college and is an elementary teacher.  They wanted to honor the Lord on Easter Sunday and came 180 miles to say thank you to our church for its prayers. And I want to thank you for allowing us to continue to minister year after year and see God’s hand at work.

Church Ministry:  I recently had the privilege to marry Guadalupe and Guadalupe (yes, they have the same name).  They have two teenage children and had been living as husband and wife but never married.  They both confessed to be saved and were convicted about their marital status.  I married them in their home and now both of them, as well as Jose and Jacqueline, have become part of the church family.

The Autersons in France

Egg Hunt:  Over half of Cannon’s second grade class came to the egg hunt party at our house!  We were able to make many contacts, and each child went home with their crafts, a small bag of Easter candy, and an invitation to our Easter service. The parents were touched and appreciative.  We pray God will work in the hearts of these families.

Tea Party: The ladies of our church had a tea party at a member’s home.  Over 20 ladies attended, including some who’ve never been to church!  The ladies enjoyed a craft time, games, finger food, tea and a devotional about Ruth.  One visitor asked more questions about Ruth on their way home.  Another lady agreed to having a Bible given to her.  Please pray that those seeds planted will grow.

Furlough Vehicle: Thank you to all who prayed with us concerning a vehicle for our summer furlough.  The Lord has provided a van for us to travel in through a fellow missionary!  We are so grateful for His provision.  We pray He will give us traveling mercies this summer as well as additional financial and prayer partners for His ministry here in France.