MISSIONS MOMENT - Kris & Rose Marie Blumer - Missionaries to Peru

Kris & Rose Marie Blumer

Kris & Rose Marie Blumer

March 2018

     Nichol listened to the preaching of God’s Word intently.  The following week he remained in the room but was occupied with something else.  At least he didn’t leave.  I cannot say how much he listened.  Pray for the Word to sprout.

     I am in five of these neighboring villages regularly.  Several other villages exist; nearly out of reach for a day trip there and back.  Bible studies there are still one-on-one.  I meet with three families and make several other stops along the way including two public schools.  In May we will begin a Saturday Bible study outreach for families in Antapuecro where Mr. Nichol is.

     Great News!  Three weeks ago in Antioquia, the administrator of the public high school called a brief meeting with me to discuss doing things differently this year.  I felt a little like Nehemiah, so I prayed like Nehemiah!  Rather than downsizing the outreach, she asked me to increase it by giving a chapel each week!  The auditorium is nothing more than an empty classroom which holds about 40 seated students.  Last week there were 25 including ourselves and some teachers.  A few of the instructors had not received the word and could not change their class schedule that day.  However, God is Sovereign, and Lord willing for the next three weeks I’ll be making an entrance to the gospel with the entire school.  As I had done before, I am still taking some of my own LMCS students along to mentor them in personal evangelism.  I beg you to pray for this new open door.  Please bear in mind that the village priest has the position to end the services, but he does not have the power.  Only God has that.

2018 Ministry Goals

Church Plant:  Currently we are working the church plant which has a weekly Sunday  service  and Sunday  School hour that I teach.  The Sunday church services  average  60-70.  We  also meet  with  members  and  visitors once per week for Bible study. This quarter we have moved the meeting from Thursday to Wednesday, which is difficult because it is the same day I go to the villages of Antioquia.  Pray for travel safety.

Resources:  The Lord is richly blessing, especially with the vehicle.  It has been used over and over for hauling supplies and used when others are in need of transportation.  Although we miss riding the public bus and talking with the day workers going to and from their jobs, in reality the vehicle has opened up a more flexible schedule.    

Pray for specific vehicle needs.

Help:  We have been praying for a Peruvian National to join in and help with the rural village ministries.  Arturo, a 2013 PCC graduate is accompanying me each week.  He has been praying for God to give him a ministry to work in.  If the Lord wills, the partnership will be greatly useful in the cultural and linguistic areas.

Other Prayer Requests and Praises

  • Antioquia village missions
  • Mission teams and our family visiting in 2018
  • 2018 ministry budget review
  • Dedicated time to prepare lessons and preaching
  • PRAISE!  New tires!
  • PRAISE!  Auturo assisting in rural villages