Remarks From The Pastor - May 20, 2018

Good Morning Church Members and Guests

Good morning!  Last week we recognized our graduates from various institutions of learning.

 We need to pray for them and also for ourselves that, as Christians, we be a people with integrity.

Senior Pastor Tom  Porter

Senior Pastor Tom  Porter

 Let us all obey the scriptures and provoke one another to do our best and to establish godly integrity into our lives.  Integrity is the state of being of sound moral principal, upright and sincere. Proverbs teaches us that it is better to be poor and have integrity than to be rich because of deception.   Job confirmed God’s confidence in him by proving that his integrity was not dependent upon how much he had or how well it was going for him.   Job had every excuse to become bitter, complaining and resentful.  He lost his wealth, his family, and his health all in a day.  It was his integrity – who he was when things were good and when things were bad – that maintained his walk with and trust in God.  When we choose to conduct ourselves with integrity, we will, without fail, find the paths of blessings for ourselves and for our families. 

 To show support for our graduates, we all need to be present tonight at 6:00 PM for Temple Christian School’s 2018 graduation ceremony.  Mr. Robbie Hallock, a TCS 2004 graduate, will be our commencement speaker.