MISSIONS MOMENT - Shane & Kayti Salmon - Missionaries to Thailand

March—April 2018

A Great Easter:  We hope that Easter this year was a wonderful day of celebration for each of you! It was a great day at Bangjak Baptist. We had a great  attendance,  I was able  to lead the choir in one of our favorite specials yet, and we even got to see a shadow play put on by the deaf ministry! We are thankful for the Lord's resurrection, and for the opportunity to share it in a place where most have never heard about it!

Futsal  Camp:   Our  futsal  camp  is  upon  us!  Each  year,  my  parents' non-profit organization, Friendship Bridge, puts on a camp for its futsal teams. Camp includes hours of practice, fun games, and Bible lessons twice  each  day.  Camp  started  May 3rd, and finished on the 5th. We prepared for between 20-30 kids to participate this year. Last year we saw 7 accept Christ as their Savior, and we are praying for more to surrender their lives to Christ this year.

New Bible Study Group:  We were so excited to be able to start a new Bible study for young professionals this past month! We have met twice already at our house with between 8 and 9 people each time, and we are looking forward to our meeting next week! We have a great mix of long-time believers, new believers, and an unsaved lady in our group so far! Please pray that through this Bible study we will see hearts changed!

Reconnecting Through a New Prep Course:  Along with our new Bible study, we are involved in a new English class as well!  Kayti is teaching a TOEFL prep course. The TOEFL is an intensive English exam geared toward college level adults and above who are interested in studying or working in primarily North America.  Each Saturday, after the class, I teach a short Bible study as well. This class has enabled us to reconnect with some young members of the church who have not been faithful, and we are hoping this renewed relationship will bring them back to serving the Lord! Please be praying for Kayti, as teaching a course like this takes many hours of preparation each week!

The Lord at Work:  Master is a 16-year-old guy who first came into contact with my parents' ministry a few years ago through soccer. Since he started coming, unruly at first, the Lord began to work in Master's heart, until he trusted Christ in 2016!

Since that time, he has been a leader on the soccer field, and a faithful member of the church, even through the heartbreaking loss of his mother a little over a year ago. Master's faith has not gone unnoticed at home. Recently, his dad, Mr. Fone, started coming to church for the first time! He has expressed multiple times how he is thankful that Master is coming to church and being able to help with our soccer ministry. It is so exciting to see him in our Thai Sunday school class and showing so much interest! He asks a lot of questions, and last Sunday, he even memorized his first Bible verse! I know that we--and Master!--would really appreciate your prayers for the salvation of Mr. Fone. We look forward to the day that we can tell you about the fruit of those prayers!