MISSIONS MOMENT - Kerry and Terri Psinas - Missionaries to Grenada

March 2018

WOW!  We just finished over 4,800 miles on the road!  In 34 days, we traveled through 10 different states and spoke in 13 different churches.  Five of those were missions conferences.  We slept in 14 different beds during those 34 days!  The challenge of sleeping in that many different beds is trying to remember the layout of the room in the middle of the night!

     I (Kerry) do not like to talk about finances, and it is a very rare occasion that I do in a prayer letter.  We just got an email informing us that one of our supporting churches closed its doors.  One church would not be that alarming, but this is the THIRD supporting church of ours that has now closed!  We want you all to know that we are not quitters.  We thank God for each one of you who are praying and still supporting this ministry.  We will never take that for granted.  Please pray that God would raise up new churches and families to partner with us as He has us incredibly engaged in this Grenada ministry.

     After being back home for only 48 hours, we are unpacking and repacking to head for a missions conference in Indiana, and then another one in Ohio.  Because of all the churches the Lord has sent us to over the past year, we are sold out for the 2018 missions trips and 50% sold out for 2019!  Thank You, Lord!

Mike & Diane Peper, Salt & Light for Sierra Leone

     The election for the new President of Sierra Leone took place April 7, and the results were given on the 11th.  The opposition party candidate won and has been sworn into office.  Although there were disturbances throughout the country on the 12th, everything has since been peaceful.  At first, we had been told the new President was a Muslim, but we have found out that he is a Catholic.  I will be returning to Sierra Leone the end of April. Please pray for God’s blessings upon us and the ministry.

     Diane will be working with our schools and conducting seminars with our  teachers.  My focus will be on our churches, the buildings that are being constructed, establishing a special children’s ministry, teaching in our Bible Institute and preparing for the military seminar the first week of June.

The financial needs are enormous at this time.  Besides the monies provided for three of our buildings, we have need for the completion of two others.  The seminar will be budgeted at $5,000.  The set-up cost for the special children’s ministry—canopy, benches, tables, etc., will be about $500.

     I am  extremely  grateful for  your  faithfulness to this wonderful harvest field.