MISSIONS MOMENT - Mike and Diane Peper - Missionaries to Sierra Leone

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February 2018

Our container was shipped in December and arrived in February. It was such a welcome sight ... all these months of gathering clothes for the children in the provinces, as well as the adults, the desks and chairs, and supplies for our schools, equipment for the ministry, and food items for
our guests as well as ourselves.  In particular, a special ‘Thank You’ to all
the churches that made this possible.

We are in the process of constructing three buildings.  Since the rains begin in April, we are praying we can complete these projects before they become heavy and consistent in mid-June.  We need for them to be ready for school opening in September.

Since May of 2016, my son-in-law and daughter have conducted 48 youth camps with 10,289 students attending, 6583 professions of faith, and 21 teachers making a profession of faith in Christ.  

The Rawlings Foundation is going to build a pavilion that will seat 500 students and bathroom facilities to accommodate that number.  We are so grateful for their vision to reach the youth of Sierra Leone, as well as their 13 other locations around the world.

I want to express our deepest appreciation for your financial investment and prayers for the ministry and for us.



Hope For Honduras
Josh and Erin Taylor

Seasons: “To everything there is a season ... A time to break down, and a
time to build up.”

Here in Central America we don’t have clear-cut seasons other than “dry” and “rainy,” but certainly there are still “seasons” in our lives spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

If I could give a name to the season the Taylor Family has been in since our last prayer letter, it would be “Breaking Down Season.”  We have struggled with break-downs in health, including a short hospital stay for Josh and a trip to the emergency room for Caleb.  We have weathered bus and car breakdowns taking precious time, energy and money to solve.

With stresses running high, we have had times of emotional breakdown and discouragement as well.  Praise God these trials are not in vain, and with the inconvenience, frustration and confusion comes the peace of God and a steady increase in our understanding of how much we need Him, and how utterly incapable we are apart from Him!

Mercifully, we are beginning to experience a time of building up with a renewed appreciation for our Lord and a commitment to even more time simply abiding in Him and thanking Him for His presence.  With returning health comes a return to more ministry.