MISSIONS MOMENT - Shane & Kayti Salmon - Missionaries to Thailand

January—February 2018

New Year, New Teammate:  The New Year brought with it a new team member  for  Bangjak  Baptist Church.   We have known Lu May for several years from our home church, Cherry Street Baptist, and it is so exciting to have him here!  He has experience with teaching, serving—in the church as well as in the US military—and he will certainly be an asset to my parents’ ministry.  Please be praying for Lu as he adjusts to the culture, begins serving, and starts his language studies.

Another Open Door For Discipleship:   It is  always  refreshing  and exciting to find new opportunities to minister.  Toward the end of last year, a young Chinese man began attending our church.  After a few weeks, he told me he was interested in studying the Bible.

     At our first Bible study, he expressed his doubts about whether all of God’s Word was really inspired.  For the last few weeks, we have been focusing on the foundation for our faith, God’s Word, and the fact that it is inspired, inerrant, and sufficient.  Though we cannot tell you his name, please be praying for this friend and his search to know the truth about God and His Word.

Priceless Gifts For Athletes:   In  February,  Friendship  Bridge,  my  parents’  nonprofit  organization,  hosted a  futsal  competition  for athletes under 16.  We had about 70 athletes who participated in the competition.   This  allows  us  to  get  to  know  the  teams  in  our community better.  As the hosts, we were also able to pass out New Testaments to each athlete.  Please pray for the salvation of the soccer players, that they would read their New Testaments, and that the Lord would work in their hearts.  And please keep praying for the players on our team as they continue to hear the Gospel each week.

A Great Visit:  Another highlight from last month was a visit from our BBFI field representative for Southeast Asia, Pastor Kevin Kolb.  He and two of his daughters, Emma and Ellie, jumped in on the ministries here, and we got to show them the sights as well.

Pastor Kolb’s coming gave us the opportunity to hold a discipleship seminar for pastors and laypeople in and around our area.  I was able to translate for Pastor Kolb as he gave great lessons about the reasons for and the practice of discipling the people around us.  We are thankful for this encouraging visit!

Prayer Requests

* Shane’s discipleship with Pong and our other friend

* Kayti’s continual language practice, for courage and patience

* Becka McMurphy’s trip back to the US, preparations for her wedding and approval as a career missionary