MISSIONS MOMENT - Corey & Jessica Kershner - Missionaries to Taiwan

March 2018

Marching Forward: We began March inviting Emily Lwo, a missionary helper, to share her ministry of reaching women and children in Asia and helping train ministry workers in local churches to reach Asian families and make disciples of children.  Our church family was excited about her ministry and motivated to partner with her, making her one of our church’s first missionary partnerships.  What a blessing it was to see our people have a heart for missions and have the passion to follow through in helping see it done!

We also had the opportunity to give our worship area and children’s ministry some needed improvement.  With the addition of a chair railing and new duo-tone walls, our church looks great! This update also gave us an opportunity to reconnect with a man who has visited our church in the past but has not yet placed his faith in Christ.  Please pray that we are able to see fruit from this connection with Mario.  

In Taiwan, it is normal to have guests come for weeks before being open to talk about the gospel.  The last week of March, we were able to share the gospel with Chanel, one of the ladies who has been coming to our services regularly in March.  With her salvation assured, we are now moving to place her with one of our mentors to begin discipleship.  Please pray for her.

New Wheels for Ministry:  We were blessed to purchase our first vehicle in Taiwan.  With a growing family and ministry opportunities, we prayed that God would give us a nice vehicle we could use for both.  God allowed us to connect with another believer in Taiwan who was selling a gently used van for well under market value.  What a blessing it was to see God answer
prayer so quickly!

With our Taiwan license in tow, we have already been able to use
our van to help bring some precious Taiwanese people to church. We
thank you for helping provide the needed funds to purchase this

Pray & Connect

  • Mario’s salvation
  • Chanel beginning discipleship
  • Wisdom as our partners leave for furlough