Remarks From The Pastor - April 15, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning, church.  As I sat in my office this past Thursday with my office door open to the outside, I pondered how blessed we are to not only have a gorgeous day outside the walls of our church, but also by what takes place inside the walls of our church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

To start with, prayer is constantly going on in our buildings.  Every morning, Monday through
Friday, our students are led in prayer and the pledges to the Christian and American flags and the Bible.  We open all our Bible study classes on Sunday mornings in prayer.  We open our worship services in prayer, asking for the Holy Spirit to grow us spiritually and to save souls.

We open our PrimeTimers meeting in prayer.  Our Deacons and Trustees spend at least 20 minutes in prayer before each meeting.  Twice a month, many of the ladies have an evening prayer meeting where they pray for God’s leading in all aspects of our church.  Our choir and musicians pray before rehearsals.  In our church and school staff meetings, we spend time praying before tackling the calendar and logistics.

Do you spend time praying?  Do you make a list of people and situations to bring to God in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ?  Are you seeing direct answers to your prayers?  These are but a few questions we need to be pondering about.

Girl Praying.png

In the back of the pew in front of you is a prayer request card.  Why not submit a prayer request that is heavy on your heart to be prayed for by some of our staff?