Remarks From The Pastor - March 11, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Good morning church family and friends of Temple Baptist.

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

We are all into our second week of Bible Study in the books of First and Second Corinthians.  Just like the church that Paul started in Corinth, we too are not perfect.  Only the Lord of the church is perfect.  Even still, in these two books, we learn the centrality of the cross, the meaning of marriage, the danger of lust, and how a church should be structured.  We learn the importance of spiritual gifts, the value of diversity, and the joy of taking the Lord’s Supper.

An intense and thorough study of these two books is sure to bring nourishment to the famished soul and strength to our church body.  

Please make every effort to attend Bible Study here at 10 A.M. every Sunday.  As Clint Pressley, the editor of our Bible Study curriculum writes, “As you study First and Second Corinthians, may the Spirit of God use the Word of God to anchor your confidence and hope in the Son of God.”