MISSIONS MOMENT - Ramzi & Ruth Kammar - Missionsaries to Jerusalem

March 1, 2018

     Winter is past behind us and Spring is at the doors.  This is a season of rejoicing for we resume a higher level of visitation and outreach.  Winter is cold and reduces mobility; and we are not keenly welcome into people’s homes.  But now we are actively preparing for two projects:  (1) Making a fresh new attempt at visitation in hopes to start a Bible Study in the other location where we are trying to start a new church, and (2) holding a Spring Vacation Bible School in the 2-week Easter vacation that students get from March 29 till April 11 of this year.  This is a new vision and our first time attempt to hold a camp at Yad Hashemona Messianic Christian resort, right above Emmaus of the Gospel of Luke.

     In the last 3 months we had 3 people saved, for which we are thankful. The Arabic Reference Study Bible website is reaching more than 800 new contacts each week, and for that we are very thankful as well.

     In 1982, I was chased out of Sidon with guns and machine guns, but today there is a stable and healthy Independent Baptist Church.  In 1991, my car was burnt and I was deported from Lebanon for winning souls and baptizing converts,  but I left behind me another healthy  Independent Baptist Church that even grew and started a mission that developed into a healthy Independent Baptist Church.  In 2006 I planted a 4th Independent Baptist Church. Today my dream is to build a 5th one.

     For the last year and a half I have been earnestly trying to find a home that will host us to start meetings; but without success. Now, and on the 22nd of this month of March 2018, I am beginning my first visitation effort to knock doors and see where would the Lord of the Harvest have a home for me to win souls and start a Bible Study.  I am fasting and praying, and I covet your prayers.

     We do have various financial needs for projects. Please pray with us.

Your missionaries to Jerusalem, Israel,

Ramzi & Ruth Kammar


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Prayer Requests

· Pray with us that many visitors would come to our Easter service and hear about the hope we have through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

· Please continue praying for the salvation of the two young catholic women who have been coming regularly to our Tuesday night prayer meetings.

· Please pray that God would provide a vehicle for us to travel in for our summer furlough.

· Most importantly, we pray for more souls to be saved, baptized and added to the family of God.