MISSIONS MOMENT - Bob and Mary Anne Pauschauer - Word of Life Ministries

February 2018

Mary Anne and I are reading through the Bible together again this year, and a few days ago we came upon these verses: “Show me Your ways O Lord, Teach me Your paths, Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation, On You I wait all the day long.” Ps 25:4-5

We are both very conscious of the fact that we are in God’s hand, and that He is leading us.  Thank you so much for your prayers for us that we will follow His ways and walk in His truth every day, and all the days of our lives.  We have much to share with you about what God is doing in Europe and Africa.


We just got a new report from our executive director Don Lough, Jr. about what God has done in Europe in 2017: “Word of Life reached a new milestone for camping in Europe in 2017—our total camp attendance for summer and winter camps topped 10,000! Many of our facilities were completely maxed out for the summer. Of our summer campers, 3,254 made open decisions for salvation and dedication. More than 80,500 people attended at least one WOL event in Europe in 2017—a 13% increase from 2016. All of these statistics are records, as God’s Spirit continues to do a wonderful work in Europe. We now have more than 40 interns serving on our WOL fields in
All I can say is Praise the Lord for what He is doing!

During the last few weeks, God has brought in all the funds to complete the building projects in Ukraine and Poland, as well as pledged finances to build the camp swimming pool in Poland—a miracle like we have very seldom seen in the past—and we have experienced a few over the years! All the praise belongs to God.


It is so great to see what God is doing in Africa. The focus of this letter is Kenya, but we have teams in six different African countries. (To find out what is happening in Word of Life ministries in other African countries, go to www.wol.org)

Chris and Theresa Mwalwa have worked very effectively with Word of Life for the past 27 years. Chris is involved in evangelism in high schools, teaching at the Bible Institutes, leading Bible Clubs in the slums of Nairobi, as well as representing the ministry of Word of Life in churches all over Kenya.  Many times student bodies from several high schools come together for weekend
retreats with Chris.

Their goals for 2018 are to train many more youth workers in short-term Bible Institutes and to host up to 4,000 campers in 15 camps at their campgrounds in Nairobi and Mombasa, as well as 10 satellite camps including Tanga, Tanzania and the slums in Nairobi.

The Pauschauers are scheduled to be at Temple Baptist PrimeTimers on Tuesday, March 27!