Remarks From The Pastor - February 11, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

It is my hope that our church will support two more faithful missionary families after this conference.  It has been said, “The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity".  Today is the beginning of our Winter Missions Conference.  Please welcome our guests, Kerry and Terry Psinas, missionaries serving in the country of Grenada, West Indies.

Also here today is the gifted Rob Mills family. They will be singing a few special, soul stirring songs for us this morning and then a full concert tonight at 6pm.

Church Vote

Seven years ago our main septic tank and drain field started to fail.  The problem was fixed and we were told it was only a temporary fix. About two years ago, we had another major problem with the same septic system.  Once again, it was given a temporary fix.  This past week the tank had to be pumped out for the third time in less than seven months.  We, as a church body, will
be voting on February 18th ( next Sunday) to start the process of replacing the current septic and drainfield system.  This job is now out for bid.  We hope to have the name of the contractor and estimate soon.